The Walking Dead Season 5 “Spoilers”: Check Out Rick’s “New Lifestyle” (PHOTO)
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5 “Spoilers”: Check Out Rick’s “New Lifestyle” (PHOTO)

While we wait for the real The Walking Dead Season 5 to start, AMC should air a spoof version, following the exploits of Abragene and this version of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln):

It's really hard to make even a fake version of Rick unattractive ... but this comes close!

TWD fans, as usual, responded in fine form in the comments:

• "Terminus is secretly an abandoned Burning Man camp?"

• "Rick is gonna smoke SO much weed this season."

• "If Ezekiel and Jesus had a son..."

• "Captain Ron : The Remake starring Andrew Lincoln coming this summer to participating theaters."

• "how long have they been in that boxcar!? So Daryl does end up looking like Chewie... Okay."

• "you said 'new lifestyle' I got excited. I thought it was gonna be Daryl & Rick making out."

• "'I smoke it for my glaucoma.' (Stabs zombie in the eye.)"

• "What the hell's going on in the back of that train car?"

Bless the fans, they never disappoint. Terminus does seem like a freaky place, but thankfully AMC’s first official photo from the new season shows Rick looking pretty close to how he did at the end of Season 4. We know Farmer Rick is dead, and if he were ever going to go Full Hippie, that probably would’ve been the time. Now he’s biting people’s necks and threatening to exterminate the Termites.

But still. This is pretty funny. And it clearly shows how much extra time we all have on our hands as fans, as we wait for more filming spoilers and official intel to be released. Just start the new season already!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Robert Kirkman on Twitter