The Walking Dead Season 5 Filming Spoilers: Rick Has a New Police Car? (PHOTO)
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5 Filming Spoilers: Rick Has a New Police Car? (PHOTO)

Well, hello there, Officer Friendly!

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) started his journey as a sheriff's deputy in King County, Georgia, but it looks like he might find himself an Atlanta Police Department vehicle on The Walking Dead Season 5.

The Spoiling Dead Fans shared a photo of Rick in the car on July 28:

There’s no doubt that it’s Rick/Andy in the vehicle, but there’s some debate on whether he's filming a scene or just having a laugh on set. But most fans seem to think it’s a filming shot. (TSDF updated that he shot a scene in the car a few times, so it apparently was for filming.)

In related filming news — and this is potentially more worrisome — a dead body prop was brought on set yesterday for filming in Griffin, GA.

Here are details from TSDF:

“Today's filming at the Olde School Textiles & Furnishings building in Griffin on Hill Street and Cherry Street did take place. However, it was a Second Unit filming. The filming involved two stunt doubles - reportedly, Rick and Daryl -- running through the backyard area of the building. White tarps were put in place on Cherry Street to block views of onlookers.

At the same time, Sixth Street was partially trashed and placed with greenery. And the sidewalk along that area had been roped off with yellow caution tape.

Around 30 crew members were present for today's filming. This was the shoot where the dead body was seen by onlookers. It was being carried into the area of filming. It was not known if it was just a walker body or something (or someone) else.”

The Walking Dead is crawling with dead bodies — walkers, humans we don’t know, etc., so there’s no need to rush to panic. But still, keep it in mind, in case it becomes relevant later. There was word of Daryl carrying a small body during filming the other day...

The group had worked on seven episodes by the time they got to Comic-Con last weekend, so they should be working on the Episode 8 mid-season finale. That is traditionally a major episode (and there's often a cliffhanger), and we’re expecting nothing less this year.

And if The Ricktator wants to pull us over for any reason at all, we’re ready to be booked!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 on AMC.

Source: The Spoiling Dead Fans