The Walking Dead Season 5: Scott Gimple Draws Inspiration From Pokemon?
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The Walking Dead Season 5: Scott Gimple Draws Inspiration From Pokemon?

Scott Gimple did an excellent job in his first year as showrunner on The Walking Dead Season 4. It’s hard to believe that production on his second season as head cheese is already underway, but alas, here we are. Production began on Season 5 in Atlanta at the start of last week, and although we were under the impression that Scott and his team had been fleshing out Season 5 storylines for weeks now, apparently they’re also fans of on-the-job research.

Take, for example, the below exchange between Scott and TWD star Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee) last weekend.

It all began when Scott tweeted, “11pm in Atlanta. Looking up Ash dying in the Pokemon movie on YouTube,” and Steven was quick to respond with “Season 5!!!!” Having found someone to take the bait, Scott went on to propose some Ash-inspired changes to TWD. “@steveyeun behold Glenn’s new hat,” he said, including a photo of the headgear Ash wore on the series.

Apparently some fans took note of the “Ash dying” part of Scott’s initial tweet, because he quickly followed up with, “@steveyeun whoa — it is important to note that Ash DID NOT DIE. It was super hilarious hat humor, nothing more. #forgotwhatshowImon.” Still if he’s researching clips of people (or animated characters) dying or almost dying then perhaps that’s hinting at something to come in Season 5...

From there, the conversation took a very strange, Pokemon-filled turn, but you can head to Scott and Steven’s respective Twitter pages to find out what else they had to say if you’re so inclined.

Are you surprised that Scott was researching Pokemon on Youtube? Should we take this as a clue that a death occurs early on in Season 5? Weigh in below!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.