Glee Season 5: See the First Promo! (VIDEO)
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Glee Season 5: See the First Promo! (VIDEO)

It’s that time of year again! We’re still more than a month away from the start of Glee Season 5 on September 26, but we now have a new promo to tide us over until new episodes finally begin. And if you’re like us, any tidbit helps when dealing with a three-month Glee hiatus.

This initial Season 5 promo is set to some sexy salsa music and features the words “once again” a lot. However, it should be noted that the promo consists of scenes from Season 4 and does not provide any new footage.

Fans have been curious as to how the show will address Cory Monteith’s (Finn) sudden passing, but the promo doesn’t reveal anything about how Finn’s departure will be handled. In fact, there is no footage of Cory in the promo, and his name is not mentioned.

But plenty of popular characters are in the promo, which may help us get a sense of who will be featured prominently in the coming season. We get a shirtless shot of Sam — which we would never complain about! — along with shots of many of our New Directions favorites, including Blaine, Artie, Tina, and newbies Jake, Marley, and Kitty.

Rachel and Kurt are also in the promo, but notably missing is any footage of fellow NYC denizen Santana. Also absent are any of the original cast members who will be seen sparingly (if at all) this season, including Quinn, Mercedes, Puck, and (sob!) Brittany. And Ryder and Unique are missing, too, but we’ll just chalk that up to the limits of a 30-second promo.

The promo teases “drama,” but it’s clear that it’s going for an upbeat vibe, which makes sense given the real-life tragedy that the show has dealt with lately. Does the promo make you excited for this season, or are you wishing it had included new footage? Then again, it’s hard to have beef with getting to see Sue in that Nicki Minaj wig one more time.

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