The Walking Dead Season 5 Sequence of Events: What Happens When?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5 Sequence of Events: What Happens When?

*The Walking Dead Season 5 filming spoilers and speculation ahead!*

We’ve been following the various filming spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 5, but there’s been so much information — rumored sightings, speculation, questioned rumors, updates on past rumors, etc. — that it’s all getting jumbled in our minds. We needed someone to come in and de-clutter our brains with their organizational skills.

Cue Spoil the Dead! Turns out, we weren’t the only ones looking to make sense of all the intel. They just started a breakdown to piece together the Season 5 sequence of events so far. The show is only up to about Episode 5 at this point, so the timeline is a work in progress. It’s also being edited by fans who want to add details or move information around, but it’s a great reference point.

Here’s the information poster ScifiSpirit shared as of June 23:

- [Episode 1] The group escapes the boxcar

- [Episode 1] Terminus is *dealt with*

- [Episode 2] Ty, Judith, & Carol reunite with group

- [Episode 2] A majority of the group encounter a residential house (either for supplies or for shelter)

- [Episode 2] Daryl & Carol chase down a car at night (possibly connected to Terminus or Beth/FG)

- [Episode 2] Enter FG

- [Episode 3] Group ends up on the move (either in need of a hospital, seeking Beth, fleeing Termites, or just heading North, or ALL)

- [Episode 3] Group splits for some reason, (presumably for supply runs, finding Beth, evading Termites)

- [Episode 3] Rick, Michonne, Bob, Sasha, & FG seem to be in one group

- [Episode 4] Beth's story line with the car/abduction is addressed

- [Episode 5] A portion of the group (minus Tyrese & Judith) end up at the Easy Shop Supermarket (possibly a supply run)

- [Episode 5] The Easy Shop Supermarket is located near train tracks and may be associated with FG since there is a "Church Bus" involved.

- Awaiting more spoilers :)

There’s a lot to be added and possibly changed, but it’s a good place to start. (FYI, “FG” is Father Gabriel, a priest in The Walking Dead comics that fans are assuming will be played by Seth Gilliam, since Seth was seen dressed as a priest on set. Head here for a mini archive past filming spoiler stories on FG sightings, car chase, house, hospital, etc.)

The Walking Dead Season 5 Sequence of Events: What Happens When?
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Another fan went into even greater detail on an episode-by-episode basis. For example, here’s what walkingmin posted about Episode 2 (EK is Emily Kinney, who plays Beth Greene):

Episode 2-ish: Sets – Road, North Hill Street Locations with crosses, Car with cross on back windshield (different from car that Beth disappeared in), studio, woods with FG, Michone, and Walkers (Seth’s Instagram) – possibly church located adjacent to property. Sounds: smoke and gunfire

Who we know was there (via on set or arriving/leaving set photos or other confirmation – not necessarily filming): Daryl, Carol, Rick, Maggie, Glen, Michone, Tara

Who was rumored (no proof) to be there: Beth (van with blond rumor) – spectators also reported Carl, Michone, Tyreese, Sasha,

Who was presumably there (again no proof but where else would they be): Abraham and Co. though not seen at all and maybe separated from group. Father Gabriel from his pics on Instagram although I think he might have just been on set and not actually introduced until the next episode.

Where cast was: GA – though Instagram seemed to indicate that EK might not have been in GA, there has never been any confirmation when EK actually arrived in GA besides just prior to Season 5 filming in which she left for LA right afterwards.

My educated guess from spoilers (speculation)? The cross on the car might have spawned some clue about Beth’s whereabouts (or that might have come from Terminus itself leading to the car) and for some reason members of the group are chasing and searching these things with crosses (pretty sure looking for Beth since the crosses connect to her disappearance). Some believe that Beth may have been found in that house as security is tight but I am doubting that. EK tweets about seeing movie that night but might just be to throw us off.

Group Status: Group seems to be together for the most part (at least Team Prison) again except for Beth and Judith. They may or may not be with the group somewhere else.

They did that for all of the episodes so far. It’s great work, and worth visiting to see what’s out there and cross-reference with what other fans have seen and heard. Once you see events plotted out in order it’s easier to get a feel for the big picture of where things might be going in the first half, then the full season.

Head here for the thread.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Spoil the Dead