Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Shana’s Death Will Affect Aria “Traumatically”
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Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Shana’s Death Will Affect Aria “Traumatically”

In a killer turn of events, Aria pushed Shana to her death on the Season 5 premiere of Pretty Little Liars (“EscApe From New York”), and even though she did it to protect her friends from the gun-wielding psycho, she’s still going to be traumatized by what happened.

“It affects her tremendously,” executive producer Marlene King told TVLine. “One of the questions the girls have always asked is ‘Why did Ali pick us? Why were we the team she put together to be her friends?’ And those answers will come. One of the reasons she picked Aria is because she’s so compassionate, and now that — as you say — she’s tasted her first kill, it will affect her dramatically. And traumatically.”

But will there be legal repercussions in Aria’s future? At the end of the Season 5 premiere, Spencer anonymously called the police to alert them of Shana’s death at the Fitzgerald Theater. So as of now, the police have no idea Aria was there, but we’re guessing it won’t take long for Detective Holbrook to connect the dots. He knows Ali was hiding at the Fitzgerald, and he also knows the Liars were with her. So will he try to pin Shana’s death on one of the Liars?

“Well, that’s another question: Will there be, or won’t there be? It’s certainly something the girls are worried about,” said Marlene. “They’re walking away from Shana’s body hoping to never hear about it again, but hey, this is Rosewood. All secrets remain in play for further torture.”

With all of the emotional — and now psychological — baggage Aria is going to have to deal with, we really hope murder charges aren’t in her future. Plus, orange is so not Aria’s color!

What do you think, PLL fans: Will Holbrook connect Aria to the scene of the crime? Sound off in the comments!

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