Vampire Diaries Season 5: 3 Ways Silas-as-Stefan Can Mess With Everyone
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 5: 3 Ways Silas-as-Stefan Can Mess With Everyone

In a season loaded with shocks, surprises, twists, and turns, the evil ancient Silas being revealed to be Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) doppelganger ranked pretty high on the list. You’d think that when it came to gasp-worthy moments, The Vampire Diaries would have already run its course but with this new revelation, we find ourselves hyperventilating once more.

With Stefan locked in a watery living grave (ooooh that gave us shivers just typing it!) and Silas assuming his identity in Mystic Falls, the opportunity for him to run amok pulling various sorts of hijinks are almost countless. Here are a few we’d like to see.

1. Begin Teaching at Mystic Falls High

Hot for teacher takes on a whole new meaning with “Stefan” behind the desk. What’s that, you say? He only just ‘graduated’? Nothing a little bit of compelling, a pair of wire-rimmed glasses, and a faked teacher’s certificate can’t fix. With so much drama unfolding at the school, working there seems like a pretty solid plan.

2. Start Dating Jeremy/Caroline/Bonnie’s Ghost

With everyone feeling like sad-pandas for Stefan in light of Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) newfound love, why not really confuse the hell out of everyone and start dating Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). Or Caroline (Candice Accola). Or Bonnie (Kat Graham) the ghost? That’s going to throw people off the scent that something’s not right. Sure, some of these might be difficult given that Jeremy is straight, Caroline is Elena’s best friend, and Bonnie’s, uh dead. But each is sure to irk the gang, something Silas seems especially keen to do.

3. Get in Good With Damon

Sure, Stefan was ready to skip town rather than watch his brother and his ex canoodle. But then, Silas isn’t a real Salvatore, and you know tensions were already strained. Silas should get in good with Damon, learn the guy’s weaknesses, and strike when he least expects it.