Downton Abbey Season 5 Spoiler: A New Relationship For Branson?
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 5 Spoiler: A New Relationship For Branson?

Yesterday as Downton Abbey Season 4 came to a close over on PBS, Allen Leech gave us a relief from our mourning by hopping on Twitter for a PBS chat to fill us in on exclusive Season 5 details. Allen who plays the chauffeur of our dreams, Tom Branson — kept much of his role in the next series close to the chest but let slip a few key details. We scoured his Twitter feed and here are the best nuggets from Allen’s online chat.

Will we get to meet Tom’s family in Ireland?

Some smart Downton fan known as @mollyboon suggested a Season 5 plot twist we personally would love to see: a trip to Ireland to meet Tom’s family! Even though he’s been such a big part of the show and even married into the Crawley family, we know very little about Tom’s origins.

So will we be heading back to the Mother Country? Allen says he hasn’t heard of any travel plans but wouldn’t be opposed to it. “I think that would be very interesting! Begs the question who of toms family would you want to meet? I wonder!” We wonder, too!

What’s Allen make of his lookalike connection to One Direction’s Niall Horan?

In case you haven’t noticed it yourself, Allen looks more than a little like another famous face: Niall Horan of boy band One Direction. In fact, they look so much a like one fan asked Allen if we can expect Niall to make an appearance on Downton as Tom’s little brother.

Allen’s two-tweet response is priceless: Niall will appear “only in the musical which is due to start filming 2018 including the hits Jilted at the Alter..‘Oops I killed him again’ and ‘Whiskey in the Bedroom.’” This musical should be a real thing!

Does Tom start any new relationships in Season 5?

While Allen stayed mum on the topic of any romantic relationships, he did reveal he and one of the ladies of Downton will get closer come Season 5. And no, it’s not Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) for those out there still holding a torch for that wannabe relationship.

Instead, Allen says his character will interact more with Crawley cousin, Rose MacClare (Lily James). “I think Tom likes Rose see’s a lot of his late wife in her,” he tweets.

What three words does Allen think of when describing co-star Rob James-Collier?

“Very tender lover.”

And on that note, hit the comments to tell us what you would have asked Allen and your hopes for Season 5 of Downton Abbey.

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