Downton Abbey Season 5: New Spoiler Photo Teases “Ship-Shape” Character
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 5: New Spoiler Photo Teases “Ship-Shape” Character

Ahoy, fellow Downton Abbey fans! It’s been months since we’ve had the joy of watching the dramas of Downton play out on the screens so excuse us if we’re a bit starved for any news of the show. Thankfully, the internet provides. We’ve just uncovered a brand new Season 5 spoiler photo that’s sent our minds spinning.

Granted, it’s not much to go on. Just a split of a close-up of a teal and white outfit with a bow. The caption, courtesy of Masterpiece PBS, doesn’t offer up much else. “From the Downton Abbey set,” it reads. “Who will be ship-shape in #DowntonPBS S5?”

Downton Abbey Season 5: New Spoiler Photo Teases “Ship-Shape” Character
Credit: Masterpiece PBS on Twitter    

Judging from the bow we spy in the left-hand photo, we’d say the character wearing this seaworthy outfit is a girl. Perhaps baby Sybil? That line of thought, however, makes us a little seasick; Sybbie’s daddy,Tom Branson (Allen Leech), has spoken of boarding a ship and never coming back more than once. Might he be making good on those American dreams in Season 5?

Hitting pause on that line of questioning, we’re also intrigued that this photo comes from PBS. The channel historically doesn’t start airing Downton Abbey until the January after the series has already wrapped in the U.K. It’s a wonky schedule that even Julian Fellowes has said he’s not a fan of. So the fact that PBS is already teasing Season 5 be a sign of change on the horizon? Fingers crossed!

What do you make of the spoiler pic? Just a red herring or something more? Tell us your Season 5 theories in the comments below.

Source: Masterpiece PBS on Twitter

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