Glee Season 5: [SPOILER] Is Returning! (PHOTO)
Credit: FOX via Ryan Murphy’s Twitter    


Glee Season 5: [SPOILER] Is Returning! (PHOTO)

Is love in the air on Glee? Sure enough, one of our favorite supporting characters is returning to the show for this week's Season 5 episode, and we're wondering whether this character will be rekindling a romance with a certain someone.

Glee Season 5: [SPOILER] Is Returning! (PHOTO)
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Memorably, Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) dated local news anchor Rod Remington (Bill Jones) in Season 1 of the show, although their fling ended in heartbreak when Sue learned Rod was also seeing fellow co-anchor Andrea Carmichael. Rod and Andrea announced their engagement during the following season.

Now, Bill has announced via Twitter that Rod is returning to the show for Glee Season 5, Episode 17: "Opening Night," with Rod apparently appearing in two different scenes in the episode. "'Rod's' 15th appearance comes up on Tuesday night's Glee," Bill captions a photo of himself with Jane. "Pic with one fabulous, fabulous lady."

Interesting! We wonder if Sue is just going to be doing another "Sue's Corner" editorial segment, or if her romance with Rod will be back on." We know that Sue will be visiting Rachel (Lea Michele) in NYC during this episode and will be getting a new love interest who will apparently be played by a talented and funny TV actor. So perhaps Rod is preparing to win Sue back?

Are you excited for Rod's return? And what do you think he'll be doing in the episode?

Source: Bill on Twitter