Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoiler Roundup — Everything We Know About the Rest of the Season
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoiler Roundup — Everything We Know About the Rest of the Season

It seems like so much has already happened this summer on Pretty Little Liars, and we’re only halfway through Season 5! What else is going down on this season of PLL? Here’s everything we know about Season 5B.

Central mystery: What happened to Mona? Janel Parrish told Wetpaint Entertainment: “One of the biggest mysteries of the second half of the season will be what happened to Mona?” And why wouldn’t it be? Mona deserves justice!

Mona will be back -- in flashbacks. Of course, Mona won’t be gone completely from our PLL lives. Janel said that she is still a regular on the show, and will appear in flashbacks moving forward.

Mike Montgomery sadness. Wondering how poor Mike Montgomery will react to the news of Mona’s death? You’ll find out soon enough! According to Janel: “He’s going to be very sad. You’ll see a very heartbreaking scene with him soon.” Start stocking up on tissues.

Mona left clues. The Liars won’t be completely without Mona’s help when it comes to catching her killer. According to Janel, Mona left clues “in Spencer’s honor.” Even in death, Mona is brilliant.

Twin confirmation. We’re still waiting for the twin reveal Tammin Sursok teased on an Australian talk show earlier this year when she said “someone has a twin sister.” Maybe Mona will be appearing in more than just flashbacks…?

The Christmas episode. Next up? The first ever PLL Christmas special. Written and directed by Marlene King and titled “How The ‘A’ Stole Christmas”, it’s sure to be a classic. Check out our full Christmas ep spoiler roundup for all the deets!

A newborn queen. One particularly relevant spoiler from the Christmas episode concerns the birth of a new queen. Is this someone who will fill Mona’s spot as the most knowledgeable gal in town? Or is this someone ready to de-throne Alison? Is Ali herself the newborn queen?

Moving on. Following the Christmas special, time will start moving faster in Rosewood (which, frankly, wouldn’t be hard — right now, it’s glacial). Marlene said in her Reddit AMA that “time will speed up a little bit and we will get to spring of Senior year more quickly than we've dealt with this Fall.”

Emily/Ezra hangout? It’s not often we see Emily and Ezra hanging out, but the two seem to be spending some quality time together in Season 5B. Check out this behind-the-scenes pic of Shay and Ian being goofy together on set.

A new love interest for Spencer? Spoby seems solid right now, but there will be a new “cute, edgy, and charismatic” painter guy named Johnny Raymond coming to Rosewood in Season 5B and spending time with our girl Spence. Johnny is schedule to appear in three episodes, starting with Season 5, Episode 15.

A possible Toby twin. Is Keegan Allen playing a second character on PLL come Season 5B? This photo from a table read for an upcoming episode suggests so. The spot for Keegan Allen has two character name cards: Toby Cavanaugh and James Neilan. New Toby-twin character or are we reading too much into this?

Little Alison flashback. Writer Joseph Dougherty tweeted a table read photo for a character card for “Little Alison.” Will we be getting a flashback to when the Liars were young in a future episode? We certainly hope so — could clear some things up.

Are you as excited for Season 5B as we are? What hopes and expectations do you have for the rest of the season? Sound off in the comments below!

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