Game of Thrones Season 5 Spoiler: What Happens to Walder Frey?
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Game of Thrones Season 5 Spoiler: What Happens to Walder Frey?

While we’re not yet certain if Walder Frey will be appearing in Game of Thrones Season 5, it seems likely that he will. We didn’t see Walder for all of Season 4, so what’s he going to be doing when he pops up again?

Warning! This article contains spoilers from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, click away now if you don’t want to know!

Believe it or not, Walder hasn’t appeared in the books since the Red Wedding. He’s been mentioned a few times, but has not appeared in the flesh.

That said, there are a couple notable storylines involving Freys: the first involves Lady Stoneheart and the Brotherhood Without Banners hanging every Frey they can get their hands on. Since LSH appears to be cut from the show, we don’t think this plotline makes it into the show.

The other Frey storyline revolves around a number of Frey soldiers accompanying the Boltons to Winterfell to attend the wedding of Ramsay Bolton and a girl pretending to be Arya Stark. This seems like the most likely place we could see Walder in Season 5.

In the books, he sends some of his sons to represent him, but in the show it makes more sense for Walder to attend in person since we don’t know his sons. This scene could even offer some revenge for the Red Wedding. A theory from fans posits that Wyman Manderly, a Northern Lord who’s angry about the Red Wedding, cooked three Freys into giant pies and served them to Walder’s sons at Winterfell.

The evidence for this is that the three Freys were supposed to be riding to Winterfell with Wyman but they never show up, there are three huge pies that he’s really excited about serving to Freys, and he requests the singer at the wedding to play “The Rat Cook,” which was a story Bran told in the show after the Red Wedding about a man who cooked and fed a king his own son, and was punished by the gods for violating guest right and turned into a rat. Here’s hoping the “Frey Pie” scene makes it into the show, and it’s Walder himself wolfing it down!

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