Glee Season 5 Spoiler: When Do Demi Lovato’s Dani and Santana Kiss? — UPDATE
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Glee Season 5 Spoiler: When Do Demi Lovato’s Dani and Santana Kiss? — UPDATE

UPDATE: Okay, we finally have a bit of clarity on this! In the promo for Season 5, Episode 2, we see Demi's Dani lean over and give Santana a quick peck on the cheek. So they do kiss in Episode 2, but it's not a real kiss. We'd love to think that a more sexy, passionate smooch is on it's way... it just doesn't appear to have happened quite yet.

UPDATE: During an interview with E! News, Naya said that she and Demi have not yet filmed a love scene. (So does that mean the characters haven't slept together yet, or does it mean they haven't even kissed? We're not sure.) Both actresses have talked about their characters kissing, but neither has actually confirmed that a kiss scene was filmed. Naya joked with Access Hollywood that she and Demi made out as practice before filming together, so we assumed that she meant this was their practice for a kiss scene.

However, it now appears that Naya may have just been talking about helping get Demi in the mindset of playing a lesbian character, not necessarily preparing for an on-screen kiss. It's hard to know for sure, but it's sounding like we might not get a Dantana kiss in Episode 2, after all.

Original story: We already know that Demi Lovato will appear on at least six episodes of Glee Season 5 as Santana’s (Naya Rivera) new love interest, Dani. The pop star has already confirmed that she and Naya’s characters will share a kiss, and now Naya’s opening up about it even more.

Here’s our main question: Have Dani and Santana kissed already, or was Demi simply talking about the kiss as something that could potentially happen in the future? Naya appeared on Access Hollywood Live on September 17, and she confirmed that she and Demi have locked lips on camera.

So far, Glee has only filmed the first three episodes of Season 5. Demi’s character won’t appear until Season 5, Episode 2: “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds,” so the liplock will either take place in that episode or in Episode 3. However, Season 5, Episode 3: “The Quarterback” will be Glee’s heartbreaking Cory Monteith tribute, so we’d say it’s pretty safe to assume that the kiss happens in Episode 2.

Access Hollywood host Billy Bush told Naya that he assumes her offscreen boyfriend, Big Sean, was pretty excited to hear about the girl-on-girl kiss, and Naya didn’t exactly contradict him. “No, he was like, ‘Oh, man, I’m out of town. I’m jealous.’”

Cancel your tour, Big Sean. Forget your music career. The chance to watch this Dani on Santana action happen is something you don’t want to miss.

Naya’s been playing a lesbian character on Glee for a while now, so filming sweet lady kisses is nothing new for her. But Demi hasn’t had that as part of her day job in the past so was she nervous?

“I made out with her in my trailer before we shot the scene,” Naya joked. (Yes, she was joking. So don’t get too excited.) “Just like, warmed her up,” she said. “You know what I’m saying?”

Source: Access Hollywood

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