The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Is “Brutal” Rick a Danger to the Rest of the Group? (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Is “Brutal” Rick a Danger to the Rest of the Group? (VIDEO)

In case you hadn’t heard, farmer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) of The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere has since been replaced with “Don’t mess with me or I’ll take a bite out of your neck Rick”, who we saw in the Season 4 finale. And now it sounds like our protagonist will only continue down this ruthless and violent road come Season 5.

As Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) explains to Entertainment Weekly in the video below, “You stand alongside Rick, you’re family. You stand in opposition to him, you’re a problem.” This not so new yet intensified philosophy isn’t great news for the Termites who, after locking Rick and co. in a train car at the end of Season 4, are unequivocally against him. But does Rick’s mindset going into Season 5 also stand to possibly endanger the rest of the group? Andy seems to think so.

“Because their leader is incredibly uncompromising, I think he is dragging a lot of those people into a place that is darker, more brutal, and there will be fallout from that,” he explains. While darkness and brutality isn’t always bad in this world (they’re more of a necessity, really) it’s the aforementioned fallout we’re most worried about. Could Rick act in a way that costs someone his or her life? Could he jeopardize multiple people? Only time will tell, but it doesn’t sound great.

“So it feels like it’s a more grown-up show. It feels like we’re heading into the heart of darkness,” Andy continues. “Brutal is the word for this season. It’s always been pretty intense, but this season I think is very hard hitting. People should be prepared for that, I think.”

Andy goes on to say that, although Rick is likely more complete than we’ve ever seen him before, he’s also assured and confident in a way that could put himself (and others) in jeopardy.“He’s a man who doesn’t doubt himself anymore, and he’s accepted his brutality as much as his humanity. So I think he’s in an incredibly powerful and dangerous place,” Andy concludes.

Poor Rick. If he’s too passive, The Governor (David Morrissey) attacks and Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) ends up dead, but if he’s too savage it appears there’s a whole other set of consequences.

Are you ready for a “brutal” Season 5? Check out the complete clip below and tell us your thoughts!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: Entertainment Weekly