Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Why Is Damon in Stefan’s Bedroom?
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Why Is Damon in Stefan’s Bedroom?

Things have been tense between the Brothers Salvatore as of late on The Vampire Diaries — we find too much neck-breaking will do that to a relationship. So, what is Damon (Ian Somerhalder) doing in Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) bedroom? Check out the curious tweet Ian just sent from the TVD set!

“Shooting right now in Stefan Salvatore's bedroom-a place many people would like to be:) I Love this set-wish it was MY bedroom,” Ian adorably tweeted on November 5. We agree! Stefan’s bedroom is the classiest — but why is his big brother lurking in it? And is Stefan there, too? Or is he still on Team Tessa? Perhaps, at this point, Stefan has been away long enough that Damon has changed his bedroom into a craft space...

The TVD gang is currently at work filming well into the fifth season, presumably somewhere about the much-talked about 100th episode (aka Season 5, Episode 11), which is roughly six episodes ahead of us in the episode run. Given how quickly things change on TVD, Damon could be up to anything at this point. (Like crafting!) Does his scene in Stefan’s room mean a reunion is in store for our favorite vampire brothers? (We don’t mean that, Mikaelsons!) Or, is Damon in Stefan’s room without permission? Frankly, the latter could be true even if the brothers are back on the same side again. Damon has never been one to observe personal boundaries when it comes to enacting one of his devious schemes.

What do you think Damon is doing in Damon’s room? And, if you could have any room in the Salvatore mansion as your own, which would you choose? We call the library!

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