The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Dr. Wes Maxfield Is “Not Necessarily Bad”
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Dr. Wes Maxfield Is “Not Necessarily Bad”

At the end of the most recent episode of The Vampire Diaries (Season 5, Episode 4: “For Whom the Bells”), Dr. Wes Maxfield (Rick Cosnett) pulled a Dr. Kevorkian and killed his lab student Jesse (Kendrick Sampson) in order to turn him into a vampire.

So what is Dr. Wes up to? Is he trying to amass a underground league of vampires on campus? Is he trying to study the biological effects of vampirism on the human body? ETonline caught up with Season 5 newbie Rick Cosnett to get some scoop on Dr. Wes’s plan.

“It's fun because he's not necessarily bad; it's the wonderful dichotomy that we all have,” he said. “I think he's a nice human being. Or is he? [laughs] Well, he has human qualities either way, and feelings and a life and people that he loves. It's interesting to show how someone gets to a place where he does things that people might not look at as ‘good.’”

Interesting. So it sounds like Dr. Wes has a personal reason for experimenting on vampires. Was someone close to him turned? Is he trying to find his own version of the cure? Whatever the reason, it sounds like he has a contentious relationship with Elena.

We know Dr. Wes idolized Elena’s father, Grayson, and his research, so is it possible Grayson started these experiments and this ”secret society” at Whitmore?

“His confidence masks the hurt that's underneath and is propelling a lot of the choices he makes,” Rick said. “He's still finding his feet.”

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see, Vampire Diaries fans!

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