Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoilers: “Everything Will Change When Ali Comes Back” — Exclusive
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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoilers: “Everything Will Change When Ali Comes Back” — Exclusive

When it comes to being a master manipulator, Mona took the reigns from Ali the moment the blonde disappeared, but according to Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish, “everything will change when Ali comes back” in Season 5.

We know Ali’s homecoming will deeply affect the Liars — Marlene King told us Hanna will be going through a “bit of an identity crisis” — and it sounds like her reappearance in Rosewood will also throw Mona for a loop. But if you think Ali’s homecoming will reunite Mona and the Liars, think again. It only makes things more complicated, and once again, motives will come into question. Mona and Ali were never friends. In fact, Ali made Mona’s life miserable, calling her dorky Mona and making fun of her appearance, so having Ali back in town could open up old wounds for Mona, and she might just turn to the dark side (again). It could also lead to an epic showdown between these two Queen Bees.

“I kinda love that nobody ever knows whether she can be trusted or not,” Janel told Wetpaint at the 2014 Pretty Little Liars PaleyFest panel Sunday night. “I think that it makes Mona a fun character.”

However, we are beginning to see a softer side of Mona. This season she had a fling with Aria’s brother Mike, and when we asked Janel if Mona’s feelings were sincere, she replied with a definite yes.

“I would say that she definitely really liked Mike, and I loved playing that because I think it was really nice to see a different side of people,” she said. “She has her moments of devious ways, but ultimately, she is a person with emotional appeal.”

Here’s hoping this leads to the Mona/Aria friendship we’ve always wanted. After all, Janel is firmly on Team Ezria. “To me, Ezra will redeem himself with Aria.” Maybe Mona will help you pick out the perfect roses, Ezra!

Reporting by Ryan Gajewski.

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