Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoilers: “Hanna Is Going Through It”
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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Spoilers: “Hanna Is Going Through It”

Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) had a pretty crazy ride during Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. Her mother was charged with murder. Her boyfriend moved away to fight ghosts. And her best friend came back from the dead. What will her Season 5 look like? Well, it sounds like she might be in for more of the same miserable shenanigans. Check out Ash’s recent, spoilerific tweet.

“Hanna's going through it this season. Can't wait for y'all to see what happens #season5,” Ash captioned an Instagram selfie, causing us to worry about our girl Hanna. (Though, really, when don’t we worry?) Though Ash may look gorgeous in the shot, we wonder if Hanna will be exuding the same happy glow as her off-screen counterpart. Let’s outline what we know about Hanna in the upcoming season.

Ali will be back in Rosewood. One of the biggest developments in Hanna’s life will come in the form of Ali’s return to Rosewood. Even in a best case scenario, this development is going to be a major stressor on Hanna’s life. Will Ali and Hanna go back to their former dynamic? Has Ali changed much in her time away or is she still the same manipulative mean girl? And who will others react to the information that the Liars knew Ali was alive?

Caleb will be returning. Good news: Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) will be back! He’s done hunting ghosts, and will return to Rosewood in Season 5, Episode 5. Though Tyler says they’ll have a lovely reunion, we can’t help but think there’s going to be a truckload of angst to go along with whatever sweet greeting these two give one another.

He will share chemistry with Ali. It doesn’t help that Caleb and Ali will supposedly share some chemistry when they first meet — and possibly even a kiss? We can only imagine how Hanna would react to new of her former (current?) love and former (current?) bestie locking lips.

“A.” And, of course, Hanna always has “A” to worry about. The Liars may have (barely) evaded the masked villain in the Season 4 finale, but that doesn’t mean she’s gone for good. With Ali back in town, we can only imagine that things will be heating up in the “A” game.

What do you think Hanna will go through in Season 5? Share your theories in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on June 10, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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