Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Kat Graham Dishes on New Big Bad!
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Kat Graham Dishes on New Big Bad!

Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett) straight-up intrigued us with her latest tease concerning The Vampire Diaries. Now that Silas and Tessa have passed on to the Other Side on TVD, there is a Big Bad vacuum waiting to be filled. Who will be the show’s next villain? Read on to find out what deets Kat dished!

"You're going to be really surprised and elated to see who the next villain is," Kat told "I'm so ready for him to be the villain … [It's] somebody you've seen before." Curiouser and curiouser. Our first instinct is that Dr. Wes Maxfield (Rick Cosnett) will step into the role of chief villain. Though he hasn’t done anything outright evil so far (though turning Jesse into a vamp was pretty darn terrible), we have an uneasy feeling about him. Plus, he dressed up as Dr. Jekyll for the costume ball in Season 5, Episode 5: “Monster’s Ball.” Was he subtly implying he has a dark side on par with Dr. Jekyll’s less amiable side, aka the classic villain Mr. Hyde?

A less likely, but perhaps more intriguing theory we’ve been working on is that the next TVD villain is none other than Elena’s supposedly dead father, Grayson Gilbert. Grayson has some sort of connection to the Augustine Society, and was in a picture on Elena and Caroline’s dead roomie’s phone. Plus, Season 5, Episode 10 is entitled, “Fifty Shades of Grayson.” Could Elena’s father be the Augustine vampire and the series’ next villain? That would be awesome.

Who do you think the next Big Bad will be? Share your theories in the comments below!

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