Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Olga Fonda Discusses the Big Mother Reveal!
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: Olga Fonda Discusses the Big Mother Reveal!

The Vampire Diaires gave us one of our favorite plot twists ever last night with the reveal that Nadia (Olga Fonda) is none other than Katherine’s (Nina Dobrev) long-lost child, who turned vampire and has been searching for her mom for 500 years. Olga talked to E! Online about the big reveal, how long she’s known the truth about her character, and what might be in store for Nadia moving forward!

“I actually didn't find out until I received the script from production. The producers and writers are very careful about story lines, and for a good reason!” Olga says, adding that she’d had people on set mistake her for Nina from behind. “On set, I had some speculation, but it wasn't confirmed until I read the script for that episode.”

As for the climactic scene itself in which Nadia reveals the truth about her parentage, Olga said she and Nina prepared separately, which actually helped reflect the dynamic between their two characters in that moment.

“That moment, was the first time we were experiencing each other's emotions and hearing each other's lines, which plays out perfectly for the scene,” Olga reveals. “Nadia and Katherine don't have a relationship beforehand, so preparing it in that way really helped once we got to set.” We think it paid off! Watching Nadia bring out the humanity in Katherine totally had us tearing up. It was pretty emotional for Olga and Nina, too. After they finished filming it, Olga said, “We were both so tied up into the moment that we hugged each other.” Aww.

So, what is Nadia’s goal now that she’s reunited with her mother? Catching up, of course!

“Obviously having the agenda of meeting her mother was so strong and so important to her that she was missing a piece of her that had to be fulfilled, and it became her entire life purpose, and now that she got that life purpose, I'm sure that she has a lot of questions to fulfill the answers to,” Olga says. We can’t wait to see their relationship develop as the season progresses, especially because Olga says the two characters are “cut from the same cloth.” Who knows what kinds of shenanigans this mother-daughter team is going to get into!

Were you surprised to discover Nadia is Katherine’s daughter? What do you think these ladies will be up to next? Sound off in the comments below!

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Source: E! Online