The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Seth Gilliam Seen Dressed As Priest, Filming With These Actors
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The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Seth Gilliam Seen Dressed As Priest, Filming With These Actors

The Walking Dead Season 4 finale showcased The Ringleader, The Archer, The Samurai, and The Kid. It looks like Season 5 will introduce The Priest.

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, TWD is filming more scenes today in Griffin, GA, which is away from the Terminus location. They said Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), Steven Yeun (Glenn), Lawrence Gilliard Jr. (Bob), Danai Gurira (Michonne), Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha), and Lauren Cohan (Maggie) were all on location — as well as new series regular Seth Gilliam who was said to be “100% dressed as a priest. Black suit, white collar."

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That would certainly lend credence to the theory that Seth was cast to play a TV version of Father Gabriel Stokes, a character who appears in the comic books right around this time. There was a theory that he might be the one with Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), since Beth had been abducted in a car with a cross on the back. There was also a theory that they might be holed up in a home in the area, which is being used for filming.

In the comics, Rick and company take shelter at Gabriel’s church in the Fear the Hunters volume. The TV show is always different, though, and there are a lot more characters to deal with on screen than in the books.

The Spoiling Dead Fans site has been sharing filming updates as they happen today (Tuesday, May 27). The latest is “They are filming the group walking across the street. Priest aka Gabriel, Rick, Michonne, Sasha and Bob, that order. Maybe Seth is leading them somewhere?”

Leading to his home/church for sanctuary? Where is everyone else? Are Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene, back on the Washington, D.C mission? Are they still stuck at Terminus? There were previous set spoilers about all of the actors named above, plus Chandler Riggs (Carl), Melissa McBride (Carol), Norman Reedus (Daryl), and Chad Coleman (Tyreese) filming in Senoia last week. And there were updates about Alanna Masterson (Tara) in Griffin, with Glenn, Maggie and Tara seen at the house they are using for filming.

So that implies that they all got out of Terminus, but what are they doing now and where are the others? There was a possible Beth sighting on the Griffin set last week, and Emily Kinney tweeted about having a concert this coming weekend in Atlanta, so at least she’ll be in the area for filming. Is she meant to be in the house already?

There's already so much going on — and they aren't even done filming Episode 2!

A ton of new questions emerge every time new information comes out, but that’s how we like it. What are your theories on what’s up with Seth/priest/Gabriel and the group he may be leading somewhere. Can we trust him? Is he with Beth? Where are Daryl and Carol? Where’s the baby, too? There’s no stability for poor Judith.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: The Spoiling Dead Fans