The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: “Tension” For Delena — But Does Stefan Want to Move On?
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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Spoilers: “Tension” For Delena — But Does Stefan Want to Move On?

Love is fleeting, especially in Mystic Falls!

We know things are complicated for Damon, Elena, and Stefan on The Vampire Diaries right now — and when are they not? — but with Stefan getting his memories back in the most recent episode (Season 5, Episode 6: “Handle With Care”), we have to wonder: will his feelings for Elena resurface?

“It’s the elephant in the room,” Nina Dobrev told TVLine during a visit to the show’s Atlanta set. “When you’re in a relationship and there’s an ex-boyfriend around, the significant other is always like, ‘Hmm, I wonder…’ There’s always that insecurity. They might say that it’s OK, but it’s in the back of their mind. It’s the same thing with Elena and Damon. He’s pretending to be OK with it, but he can’t unthink and unknow what he heard and what he knows now.”

And as we all know, Damon doesn’t deal well with the fact that Stefan and Elena are connected because of their doppelgangers’ history. According to Nina, that little factoid will “always cause tension in their relationship moving forward.”

But Damon may have even more drama to deal with when Katherine’s “lingering love for one of the brothers” is revealed. Now, up until point, we know Katherine has always loved Stefan (perhaps it has to deal with their doppelganger destiny), but could she have a soft spot for Damon? “She does love one of the brothers. Almost like Elena has chosen, Katherine has chosen and we see that unfold,” teased Nina.

If Katherine’s love happens to be Stefan, the sensitive Salvatore could use a distraction. With his memories of Elena back, he might want an escape. But don’t worry Delena fans, the last thing on Stefan’s mind is professing his love for Elena.

“There would have been more of a shot of them getting in the sack if he didn’t have his memories,” Paul Wesley told TVLine. “That’s usually how it works. ‘Let’s forget about everything that’s happened. Let’s get busy.’”

We have to side with Paul on this one. This triangle has bigger things to worry about — like resurrecting Bonnie, babysitting Amara, and finding a way to stop Tessa.

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