Vampire Diaries Season 5: Will Stefan’s Feelings For Elena Resurface?
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 5: Will Stefan’s Feelings For Elena Resurface?

In last week’s episode of The Vampire DiariesSeason 5, Episode 6: “Handle With Care” — we saw amnesiac Stefan (Paul Wesley) saving ex-girlfriend Elena (Nina Dobrev) from death-by-witch. He has since regained his memories and, with them, every moment of romance and heartbreak that has come in the Stelena ship. Will Stefan’s feelings for Elena resurface with his newfound memories?

It was a pretty powerful Stelena moment to see that — even when Stefan couldn’t remember who he was or how he felt about Elena — he still chose to save her. He will always choose to save her. This implies that, even without his memories, Stefan still has feelings for his ex. Will he act on said feelings, considering he was all set to leave Mystic Falls not so long ago? Well, as willing as Stefan was to move on and let Delena be happy at the end of last season, a lot has gone down since them. Like, thousands of drownings. We doubt Stefan is the same person who left Mystic Falls, bound for maybe-Portland, ready to find another “The One.” We wouldn’t be surprised if he was broken and desperate enough to seek a connection to the woman he still loves. Plus, according to Tessa (Janina Gavankar), the universe wants these doppelgangers to be together, so they will always find their ways to one another.

On the other hand, perhaps the Stefan who was in love with Elena died in that lockbox at the bottom of the quarry. Traumatic experiences can change how people feel about others. The transition to vampirism certainly did for Elena, who fell out of love with Stefan and into love with Damon after turning vamp. As for the doppelganger universe angle, we’re beginning to doubt its authenticity given the most recent development in the love story of Silas and Amara, aka the original models for the doppelgangers and their love. (In the last ep, a fresh-from-desiccation Amara stabbed her “true love” in the neck.) Sounds to us as if all destiny bets are off.

Of course, Stefan’s feelings are somewhat irrelevant in the context of the Stelena ship if Elena is still in love with Damon, which — given the snuggling seen last episode — she is. Even if Stefan didn’t shake his Elena feels in the perpetual drownings, the chance of a Stelena reunion in the near future seems unlikely until something happens to make Elena fall out of love with Damon. Given that this show is all about keeping the love triangle compelling, we’re sure the TVD Powers That Be will find an awesomely heartbreaking foil to Delena’s happily ever after...for now.

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