Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Summer Finale — Why a Liar Should Die
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Summer Finale — Why a Liar Should Die

Only one more episode left until the #fAtalfinale if Pretty Little Liars, which ABC Family is teasing will yield “one less Liar.” Obviously, this tease troubles us — but should it? Here are five reasons why a Liars’ death could be good for this show.

It would raise the stakes. Compared to most suspense dramas in their fifth seasons, the stakes are still pretty high on PLL. In the last handful of episodes, Ezra was shot, Mrs. DiLaurentis died, and Alison was nearly killed by her own scarf and a very committed house intruder. This show isn’t messing around. But, still. We never really fear for the Liars' lives. Sure, they can break a leg or almost fall to their death in an elevator shaft, but we know nothing fatal would ever happen to them. But what if we didn’t? Killing off one of the Liars would raise the stakes of this show exponentially, making each episode that much more suspenseful.

It would make the other girls commit. At one point or another, every Liar has considered somehow quitting the anti-“A” Team and doing their own thing. This never seems to work out, but — with college around the corner and the Liars’ loyalties to Ali ever dwindling — it’s the perfect time to jump ship. You can’t avenge Ali’s death if Ali isn’t dead, right? That’s why “A” and this show needs another reason to motivate these girls. Killing off one of their own would certainly do the trick. Even if they could get out, they’d most likely stay to find justice for their fallen friend.

It would throw the suspicion off of the Liars. PLL is constantly teasing the prospect that the Liars will get arrested and go to jail for the suspicious murders that seem to follow them wherever they go. Right now, according to next week's promo Lieutenant Tanner suspects the Liars of having killed Bethany Young. If one of the Liars is the next victim, that would certainly shift suspicion away from the Liars — at least partially. Surely, even Tanner would realize they would never hurt one of their own.

It would shake Alison. Though Ali has shown a certain vulnerability this season, she hasn’t become desperate enough to, you know, tell the truth! She continues to keep the Liars at arm’s length, sharing half-truths of her time away while making up her own game plan and expecting the Liars to follow. They’re through following and, unless Ali makes a big move to demonstrate she’s one their side, it will probably stay that way. Could the death of a Liar be the thing that finally gets Alison to tell the remaining Liars the whole truth?

It would provide two more seasons of drama. PLL has gotten another narrative lease on life with the return of Alison in Season 5, but the show is set to go on for at least another two seasons. With that much time to fill, you better believe the show will have to shake things up if they want to keep it fresh and interesting. What better way to shake things up than to do the unthinkable: kill a Liar? Just don’t ask us to choose!

Do you think PLL should kill off one of the core four? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.

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