The Walking Dead Season 5: Terminus’ Creepy Candle Room to Be Explained!
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The Walking Dead Season 5: Terminus’ Creepy Candle Room to Be Explained!

We still have a myriad of questions about Terminus and its inhabitants (are they cannibals? who else is being held captive in train cars?) but one of the biggest questions we had coming out of last Sunday’s Season 4 finale had to do with that incredibly creepy candle room. The room looked like a shrine of some kind, and on the wall “Never Again. Never Trust. We First, Always.” was written out. Strange right?

Comic book creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple have gotten plenty of questions about this candle room, and while they never define what it is, both men do offer some helpful insight. “There’s a big story to Terminus. There’s a very long and involved way that Terminus came about, and that memorial is a big part of it,” Robert tells “It’s what these people have lived through and what’s happened to them and what’s built them into what they are, which will be revealed in Season 5.”

Many have speculated that the room might serve as a memorial to the people these possible cannibals may have eaten, but in a chat with TV Guide Scott seriously questions that theory.

There is cannibalism in a lot of zombie movies,” he admits off the bat. “But, especially with that room, if you're going to eat somebody, are you really going to put up a candle for them? I don't think that's what that room is about.” To be honest, we never thought about it that way — but would you really memorialize someone you were callous or desperate enough to eat? Probably not.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Scott seems to give credence to what Robert was saying earlier about the candle room representing something that happened to the people of Terminus, instead of standing for something they did. “We will get more of that in episode 501,” the showrunner declares. “It looks like a memorial, and they could be super weird people who memorialize people they victimize, or it could be that something happened to them.”

That’s another perspective we hadn’t really thought of, but the more we hear Scott and Robert talk about it, the more sense it makes.”There is a very deep, dark and storied history to Terminus, and how these people came to be that will be revealed in Season 5,” Robert explains to THR. “There are an enormous amount of hints here and there in the finale that you could freeze frame and study and dig into over the span of months between the end of Season 4 and the beginning of Season 5 that will in some cases give you some pretty good hints, and other cases be deliberately misleading as we intend it.” Damn you, Kirkman!

We already knew RK wanted us to rewatch the finale for more clues, but we don’t know how long we can make it without definitive answers — especially now that we’ve spent all of this time speculating about one room! Do you think the candle room has to do with cannibalism, or did we convince you that it may be an homage to something else altogether? Tell us where you stand on this bizarre place below!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

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