The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Terminus, Beth Hospital Are Connected — Cure Experiments?
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The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Terminus, Beth Hospital Are Connected — Cure Experiments?

The cannibal theory just doesn’t seem like enough anymore.

The Walking Dead Season 5 trailer was released Friday at Comic-Con, and we’re still digesting the information. Several male members of Team Prison (Bob, Rick, Glenn, Daryl) were seen in a line-up at Terminus, kneeling on the ground in front of Gareth. Some other unknown (maybe not all unknown) guys were also seen doing the same. One blurry shot around the 15-17-second mark showed someone doing ... something to a body on a table. Butchering to eat? Experimenting?

Cut to the Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) section, at the end of the trailer. That seems to be a hospital setting, with Beth, a female cop, and some woman tied to a bed with a really bloody arm. The cop told Beth the sacrifices they make have to be for the greater good, and Beth is just “part of a system.”

What’s going on there?

The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Terminus, Beth Hospital Are Connected — Cure Experiments?
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The Spoiling Dead Fans previously shared some spoiler tidbits, saying “The crosses [as in the cross at the back of the car that took Beth] are connected to the hospital,” “[New character, from comics] Gabriel knows the truth about Terminus,” “Those behind the crosses are similar to the Saviors [of the comics], but they are not the Saviors. The people of terminus are dealing with them, including capturing and shipping people off,” and “Train car ‘A’ stands for arrivals and train car ‘D’ stands for departures.”

Do you think the men stay at Terminus and the women go to the hospital — either for experiments to get to a “cure” or maybe even for breeding? There were spoilers a while back about someone needing an old sonogram machine at the hospital set where they were filming. We thought maybe a character (Maggie) might be pregnant, but maybe they are using it at this creepy hospital place.

In the trailer, Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) tries to tell Gareth (Andrew J. West) they don’t have to do this — whatever “this” is — because they have a guy who has a cure and they can set the world right again. If that works, it suggests Gareth has an interest in the cure, and we do hear him talking about going to Washington to cure this thing. (When he says they don't have a choice about going to Washington, is he talking to our group ... or the hospital people? Other?)

Some fans think there might be cure experimentation already going on at the hospital and/or Terminus.

As fan Alexandra Amaral wrote, “I think that what might be happening with the hospital and the terminus is that as you guys said they are connected and I think that as we have seen in the trailer in the hospital they are kinda of doing experiments so maybe they are trying to find the cure and are experimenting on innocent people that the people in terminus capture and send to them in those train cars that say departure."

The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Terminus, Beth Hospital Are Connected — Cure Experiments?
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A poster called cat2006house also shared this theory on Spoil the Dead:

“Beth is part of the ‘system’ that is searching for a cure. They set up base camp in the hospital and experiment with different chemicals and organisms so as to find a cure that can remove the zombie virus from the brains of the living, and to prevent people from reanimating after dying, aka preventing fresh corpses to become zombies, even if they are bitten by zombies. To achieve their objectives, they need a ton of test subjects, and Beth is possibly being forced by the lady cop and some other people in the system. They create samples and inject them into the bodies of test subjects through their arms. That's why you see the cast on Beth's arm. [...] The meaning of ‘the greater good’ as of lady cop's speech may refer to ‘the cure’. ‘Every sacrifice we make’ may mean that they need the test subjects to get bitten by zombies to test if the samples for vaccines work. They keep vaccinating new arrivals with different samples and sacrifice them, and this is why the lady cop said, ‘Every sacrifice we make needs to be for the greater good.’ Beth may become the ‘next sheep for slaughter’, and since Beth defies the lady cop's order of getting bitten by a zombie, she smacks her. I think there is another scene in the comic con trailer in which Beth is escaping with some other guy wearing the same type of ‘test subject’ suit, which may be after she gets smacked by the lady cop.”

If that theory is correct, and it has merit, then maybe it’s not just women being experimented on at the hospital. However, you may recall the Season 5 filming spoiler about Carol being hit by a car with a cross on it, and carted off by people wearing police uniforms. That could be exactly what happened to Beth — maybe she was hit by a car in Season 4 and carted off to this hospital.

What do you think — are they experimenting on people at the hospital and Terminus? Just the hospital? Not even the hospital? Does the cannibal idea still fit at Terminus?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 on AMC.