Downton Abbey Season 5: A New Romance For Thomas?
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 5: A New Romance For Thomas?

Don’t know about you all, but we are seriously craving any news of Downton Abbey. We knew we’d miss the show after its February 23 season finale on PBS, but seriously. This is like we’ve run out of tea and all the shops are closed! We’re completely parched!

Thankfully, however, PBS understands a bit of our need and has released a few behind-the-scenes featurettes that give us an inside look at what the cast and crew make of Downton.

In one of the more recent installments, the actor who plays our favorite underbutler (that be Rob James-Collier playing Thomas Barrow, of course) hinted at a potential Season 5 romance that has us all a-twitter.

“There’s a formula, isn’t there, in Julian [Fellowes’s] writing, which I’ve worked out. Series 1, bromance,” he explains, talking about his character’s failed attempts to find love as a gay man in early 20th century England. Back in the first season, Rob reminds us, Thomas “kissed a duke, stroked a visiting Turkish diplomat’s face. It’s what we all want to do.”

Season 2, however, was much lighter on the Thomas-fueled romances, making it a “nomance” season, as Rob puts it. Not until the third installment did Thomas got his groove back but even then he barked up the wrong tree by kissing Jimmy Kent (Ed Speleers) in his sleep. (It’s creepy even to write.)

While Thomas and Jimmy found some common, if unromantic, ground in Season 4, there weren't really any other prospects for Thomas, which leads Rob to believe he’s got some hot and heavy scenes to prepare for. “So Series 5, we should be back on, full-on, if I know Julian and his formula, full-on bromance,” Rob says. “He’s always been unlucky in love so it be nice to see him happy for once.”

What do you make of Rob’s theory? Should we expect to see a Thomas love affair next season, or just more plotting and scheming? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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