Glee Season 5: Will There Be a Time Jump?
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Glee Season 5: Will There Be a Time Jump?

As much as we love watching the glee club go for the gold on Glee, we’re thrilled that Season 5 might soon just follow a few key McKinley graduates as they pursue their dreams in NYC. But if that indeed happens, will the characters suddenly be a lot older?

We’ve never gotten a confirmation from anyone involved with Glee that the show would actually do a time jump. However, ever since Fox entertainment head Kevin Reilly first hinted at a “creative twist” back in May 2013, we’ve had a feeling that this might happen.

Glee Season 5: Will There Be a Time Jump?
Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Glee certainly wouldn’t be the first series to suddenly skip a significant amount in its character’s lives. Other soapy dramas like One Tree Hill and Desperate Housewives have both done so in later seasons, and to largely positive results.

For a show like Glee, a time jump would definitely make sense. We’ve already seen these characters spend a lot of time in high school, so seeing them all sit through college classes might feel a bit redundant. In general, it would probably be more interesting to see them out of college than still in it.

Plus, the stakes would be raised if the characters are a little older. If a 19-year-old gets turned down for an acting role or goes through a break-up, the audience realizes that the character has plenty of time to try again. But if a 24-year-old misses out on a dream opportunity, it carries a bit more weight. And the opportunities open to them at a slightly older age are just more diverse.

We’d also love the idea of seeing where these personal relationships are at in a few years. For one thing, it’s a bit more believable for Kurt and Blaine to get married when they’re in their early-to-mid 20s rather than straight out of high school. And which characters will still be besties? We’d love to get a glimpse at all of this.

So what evidence do we have to back up this time jump theory? Well, not as much as we did originally. The show is confirmed to be doing a Christmas episode this December, but since Glee Season 5 started mid-school year, it’s barely even May right now. Making it all the way to December in just six episodes would have required some sort of a time jump. However, we've recently learned that the Christmas show will be billed as an "unaired" Christmas special, which means Glee won't be needing a time jump, anyway.

Still, this weird backwards time jump is style totally anachronistic. And if we’re messing with the clock a little... why not mix things up and make it December 2018 instead of December 2013? Glee needs some sort of huge change to combat how repetitive this whole high school storyline has become. A big time jump feels like the perfect way to do that.

But what do you think: Will Glee undergo a time jump? And should it? Or maybe you’d just as soon continue at this particular phase in the characters’ lives. Let us know!

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