The Voice Season 5: Who Will Make The Top Three?
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The Voice

The Voice Season 5: Who Will Make The Top Three?

It’s down to five talented singers on Season 5 of The Voice and that means it’s prediction time. You don’t have to be Nostradamus to know two things that are almost certain to happen this week: Tessanne Chin will make it to the next round (as always) and James Wolpert will go home. Everyone so far who has been saved by the Instant Twitter Save has gone home the following week, so you do the math.

That leaves two open spots in the top three for Cole Vosbury, Jacquie Lee, and Will Champlin to scramble over. This. Is. Tough. These three are very much on par with one another in their vocal prowess and their ability to be consistently good from week to week. There’s one thing that separates them with a fairly wide chasm, however: and that’s the all powerful social media.

Let’s take a look-see, shall we? At this point, here is how these folks break down as to their number of Twitter followers:

Jacquie: 80,137

Will: 59,372

Cole: 47,383

Much like people have argued in the past over on the American Idol forums, this is and should be about singing. Period. Or should it? This show, in particular, tries to separate out the voice from the whole package, starting with the blind auditions at the beginning of the season. In the end, though, human nature is human nature and, inevitably, some people are simply more popular than others. Jacquie has a fairly commanding lead on Twitter and that could end up being crucial.

Because these three are all amazing singers, we think it’s going to come down to social media. So we predict that those who will make it into the top three of The Voice after this week will be Tessanne, Jacquie, and Will. But we could be wrong — especially since the Instant Saves are over. And, anyway, Matthew Schuler has more followers than Jacquie and he still said goodbye last week. Either way, we’ll find out the outcome Tuesday night!

What do you think of our prediction? Who do you think will make the top three? Sound off in the comments!