The Walking Dead Season 5: Robert Kirkman Is Outside Train Car “A” (PHOTO)
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The Walking Dead Season 5: Robert Kirkman Is Outside Train Car “A” (PHOTO)

Several months ago, when we learned that the Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead was going to be called “A”, we theorized that that basic moniker had some tie to the Alexandria Safe Zone of Robert Kirkman’s comics. However, as the finale came and went back on March 30, we knew our hypothesis was way off.

Still, this is TWD we’re talking about, and with this show we’ve come to learn that everything has significance. The “A” may not have been in reference to the city in Virginia, but it is the name of a crucial location featured in the finale. OK, so location is a generous term, but as many of you eagle-eyed watchers noticed, “A” is the name of the train car that our survivors were herded into and then trapped inside of.

TWD Showrunner Scott Gimple has said, in his effort to commit to virtually nothing, that it would be surprising if Season 5 didn’t pick up almost immediately after where Season 4 left off, and now Robert seems to be confirming that the Season 5 opener will include the “A” train car.

On May 9 the comic book creator and show executive producer tweeted, “Guess where I was today.” For those of us that aren’t sleuths, Robert included the above photo to help us along. The photo clearly shows a train car marked “A”, meaning that Robert was, of course, on the TWD set last week.

The Walking Dead Season 5: Robert Kirkman Is Outside Train Car “A” (PHOTO)
Credit: Robert Kirkman on Twitter    

This on-set snap is great and all, but what we really want to know is who, if anyone, is still in the car. We pretty much know that the crew formerly known as Team Prison will escape or be freed in some way, but we have no idea if everyone will make it out of this Terminus trap alive. We’re especially worried given that a recent on-set selfie had several important cast members missing.

Do you think the Season 5 premiere will kick off inside the “A” train car, or is RK just toying with us? Weigh in below!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

05.12.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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