Glee Season 5: Two More Characters Confirmed to Return!
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Glee Season 5: Two More Characters Confirmed to Return!

Two characters who have seemed to be in limbo for Glee Season 5 are Burt Hummel (Mike O’Malley) and Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch). So are they returning, or should we prepare to say goodbye to the “World’s Greatest TV Dad” and the “World’s Scariest TV Aerobics Instructor”?

Rumors have been spreading about the possible disappearance of both characters. Casting doubt on Sue’s return was the fact that she left McKinley this season, while Mike O’Malley has been a question mark now that his new sitcom
Welcome to the Family was just picked up by NBC. Uh-oh.

But have no fear! Both Jane and Mike spoke to
E! and confirmed that they are indeed returning for Season 5. In fact, it sounds like Mike couldn’t imagine not playing Burt anymore.

"I've already spoken to Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, and Burt is a very, very big part of my life — playing that character, I love doing it,” Mike says. “I think we shoot some in July, so I'm definitely coming back next season!" Rejoice!

Meanwhile, Jane confirms that she’ll be back, too, although she doesn’t know what schemes Sue will be concocting. "I know nothing about [Season 5], but I am going to be in it,” Jane says. “I know that."

Glee Season 5: Two More Characters Confirmed to Return!
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Jane also drops a pretty big hint about the futures of some of the New Directions members who are about to graduate. "I love what they are doing with the New York story, and I think some of the kids are probably going to be joining Rachel, Kurt and Santana in New York,” she adds.

Interesting! So who might this be? Artie is definitely on his way there, and it seems pretty safe to assume that Blaine is also NYC-bound. Perhaps Sam is in an Empire State of mind as well? Pick us up a Statue of Liberty snow globe while you’re there, you guys!

Source: E! Online

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