Vampire Diaries Season 5: EPs on MIA Tyler, Caroline’s Struggles — Exclusive
Vampire Diaries Season 5: EPs on MIA Tyler, Caroline’s Struggles — Exclusive
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 5: EPs on MIA Tyler, Caroline’s Struggles — Exclusive


The Vampire Diaries Season 5 is shaping up to be full of changes for everyone. When Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with executive producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries at the CBS Summer TCA All-Star event, we drilled them on everything from Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) long-distance romance to Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) potentially reuniting to Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and

Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) ghostly connection.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How does college change things?

Caroline Dries: Well, one of the big themes of Season 5 is new beginnings, fresh starts, and so the girls just want to go to college and be normal functioning vampires. And that's their plan. They just want to like party, meet boys, go to class, learn, and of course, it just goes terribly awry. So it's just a glimpse into a new world. It's called Whitmore College.

What can we expect in the first few episodes for Elena?

Julie Plec: Elena is feeling very torn between the guilt of not wanting to leave home where Jeremy's finally settling back into school, and she's got this really loving and thrilling relationship with Damon that she's been experiencing all summer. She's completely unaware of Stefan's jeopardy or Bonnie's jeopardy. So she's sad about leaving home like anybody would be, but very excited to get a new start at college with her best friend Caroline. So very quickly, it's that shift of her realizing that even if she's trying to create this new life for herself, but things at home aren't actually going so well, and that there's a lot that she doesn't know.

So she and Damon are doing the long-distance thing or at least trying?

CD: Yeah, well, luckily, Whitmore's just a car ride away, so it's long distance, but they're still going to have scenes together and stuff, so it's not like she's going away forever.

And Bonnie, our dead Bonnie?

CD: Bonnie will go through an arc in the beginning part of the season that forces her to accept this huge consequence that she has for sacrificing herself for Jeremy, and kind of overreaching with her magic. And so she's, like, still very much part of the show, and I think this is like a really cool psychological chapter for her. And she kind of accepts the fact that she's dead, and that's just her reality. So it's not an easy thing for her to swallow.

Well, Caroline and Tyler. We keep asking if she's going to jump over to The Originals, but what's happening in her universe?

JP: Caroline is in true Caroline Forbes form, trying to make the best of her college experience, in spite of several disappointments that come her way, and a challenge that she has to face in her relationship with Tyler who she still loves very, very deeply and remains deeply committed to. But college is not easy when you're moving away from home and you're trying to service a relationship that defined you in high school, and now where does it go in college? And she, more than anybody, will be really struggling with adapting from this sort of bright and sunshiny high school Caroline Forbes to the girl that's trying to live a good life at college in spite of a lot of obstacles that are going to come her way.

And what about Tyler?

JP: Tyler's MIA in the beginning, which is a surprise because he should be there because she got him his freedom. So where the f**k is he? Excuse my language.

CD: So where is he is the big question, and when we finally get to see him, it will be like this beautiful, deserving moment that will be hopefully very moving and just kind of make sense.

What about Jeremy? He was dead, and now he's not.

CD: Well, he's got to deal with the fact that his peers already had a memorial for him. So he has to deal with the awkward social situation that he's about to walk into, and he actually takes on a very man kind of role. He becomes the man of the house. He really grows up between last season and this season. He takes on a protagonist type of action role.

JP: And he's currently — until people learn the truth — he's Bonnie's mouth piece. He's helping hide her secret of her death. And he's reluctantly communicating with all her friends and family as her, at her request, and it's not comfortable for him, and he really, truly believes that Bonnie needs to 'fess up, or at least that her friends need to be aware that she's no longer with us. And she's fighting that tooth and nail.