Glee Season 5: Supermodel Tyra Banks to Guest Star in Episode 6?
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Glee Season 5: Supermodel Tyra Banks to Guest Star in Episode 6?

Glee is known for some selecting some pretty fabulous guest stars over the years. And now, we’re wondering if one of our favorite TV personalities will be appearing in an upcoming episode. Get ready to smize, everybody.

Glee has recently been filming Season 5, Episode 6, its upcoming Billy Joel tribute, and it appears they’ve had some notable company on the set. On October 17, the show’s cinematographer tweeted about supermodel-turned-TV superstar Tyra Banks dropping by.

Amazing! So does this mean the America’s Next Top Model host will appear on the show, or was she just there to provide moral support, along with pointers on how to properly gaze into the camera?

We know that Glee was recently looking to cast someone to play a “former supermodel” for Episode 6. And who’s more qualified to play a former supermodel than, well, a former and still smokin’ hot supermodel? And Tyra does have a few previous acting gigs on her resume, like her awesome job in Coyote Ugly.

Or maybe Tyra is playing herself on Glee, perhaps as a judge at Nationals? After all, choir competitions are often when Glee squeezes in familiar faces for a brief spot, meaning Tyra would join the esteemed company of previous judges Perez Hilton, Josh Groban, and Lindsay Lohan. But regardless of what Tyra does on Glee, the show is about to get a lot sexier.

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