Pretty Little Liars Season 5 — What Is Mona’s Army Planning?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 — What Is Mona’s Army Planning?

Mona’s Army is up to no good on Pretty Little Liars, and we think Alison should definitely be concerned. But what is the group’s plan exactly? So far, they’ve had a lot of meetings, but haven’t really mobilized into action. Where does Mona’s Army fall on the spectrum from bullying to blackmail? We speculate below!

“A”-like cyber stalking and blackmail. So far, the only move that Mona’s Army seems to have made is when Mona sent that text to Alison — “The truth will bury you in a New York Minute” — convincing her to lie to the police about where she’s been the last two years. Was this just Mona’s way of getting into Ali’s head or is this an example of the kind of thing Mona’s Army is going to pull moving forward?

Chances: High. Mona used to be “A.” It’s how she knows how to play the game.

Expose Ali’s lie. Or maybe Mona and her friends are done playing games of blackmail and manipulation and are just going to go for the ways they can hurt Ali (and possibly the Liars?) the most. For example: exposing Ali’s lie about her kidnapping. This could have been Mona’s plan from the beginning. By getting Ali to lie to the police under threat for her life, Mona can now expose Ali and take the Liars down with her.

Chances: Low. Though, this would probably be a more effective use of Mona’s Army’s resources, we’re hesitant to believe the show would resolve this lie so quickly.

Rumors and gossip. Of course, Mona’s Army could go the traditional route and mean girl (and guy) their way into Ali’s life the way she did to them before she left. This would include coming up with a terrible nickname for Ali a la the ones she used to call the, starting harmful rumors about her, and ensuring that she doesn’t have any friends. This could be an interesting tactic, especially if they managed to turn the Liars against Ali. However, not an easy one, given that the Liars just went along with Ali’s massive lie that could get them into trouble. If they’re willing to do that, what aren’t they willing to do for Ali?

Chances: Moderate. This is one of those tactics that can be done along with whatever else Mona’s Army has planned.

Something even more serious. This is where the physical harm and jail time come into play. The really serious stuff. Though we can’t imagine some of the more moral members of this group going along with anything that would hurt Ali or pin a serious crime on her that she didn’t commit, Mona, Melissa, and Jenna (who we believe will join the gang in the 100th ep) loathe Alison. They may be willing to go the extra mile when it comes to punishing her for the pain she’s caused in the past. Plus, if Melissa was the one who killed the girl in Ali’s grave, she’s going to be looking for someone to frame for it. Who better than Ali?

Chances: Low. This sort of behavior is usually reserved for “A.” Then again, who’s to say that “A” isn’t on Mona’s Army.

What do you think Mona’s Army is planning? Share your theories in the comments below!

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