The Voice Season 5 Top 3: Who Will Win — Jacquie, Will, Or Tessanne? (POLL)
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The Voice

The Voice Season 5 Top 3: Who Will Win — Jacquie, Will, Or Tessanne? (POLL)

It’s the home stretch for the top three contestants on Season 5 of The Voice and, at this point, it’s really anyone’s win. In fact, the singers are somewhat similar in their love of power ballads and their abilities to make each song their own. In the end, though, only one can win, so we want to know who you think is going to be the last man (or woman) standing.

Jacquie Lee is only 16 years old, so some may be hesitant to grant her the win because she has plenty of time left to make it in “the biz.” She does have quite a Twitter following, however, with over 87,000 followers. She’s been majorly consistent from week to week, exhibiting a level of talent that belies her age. Then again, some of the coaches have complained about her (we,, Christina’s) song choices. She’s been singing a lot about heartache but can’t quite seem to connect to that considering she’s never been in love.

Will Champlin is a quirky guy who has been known to shock the pants off everyone with unique performances (‘member his rendition of Etta James’ “At Last”?). Will has training and experience on his side as a graduate of the prestigious Berklee School of Music who has toured with Glenn Frey of The Eagles. And he also has music in his blood: his dad was once a member of iconic band Chicago. But he doesn’t have all that strong of a Twitter following, and social media can be a powerful predictor in these reality show competitions.

Tessanne Chin has yet to falter in the competition. From week to week, she charts on iTunes, kills it in our polls, and garners rave reviews from all the coaches. She was even the first one this season to nab the #1 spot on iTunes with her extremely emotional performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. To boot, she has the most Twitter followers of all the remaining singers, securing a whopping 128,923 followers as of right now. However, that could make voters at home think she’s safe from elimination.

In the end, we think Tessanne will be the winner of season five of The Voice, but the best part about reality TV is you really can’t know until the fat lady sings (pardon the terrible pun).

They're all so good, it's going to be hard to choose!

There's a clear winner at this point.

12.11.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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