Glee Season 5: Why Kurt and Blaine’s Engagement Is a Terrible Idea
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Glee Season 5: Why Kurt and Blaine’s Engagement Is a Terrible Idea

First, we have to say we’re having a hard time seeing our computer screens at the moment because we’re still tearing up after Blaine’s (Darren Criss) unbelievably emotional proposal to Kurt (Chris Colfer) during last night’s Glee Season 5 premiere. Yes, it was that amazing. That said, we’re about to deliver a cold shower of tough love to anyone who thinks this engagement is a good idea. Brace yourself.

Look, don’t get us wrong: We might actually be the biggest Klainers on the planet. Those two together just makes us smile. But that’s exactly why we don’t want them to get engaged: Because if their engagement or marriage ends badly, then they’re far more likely to hate each other than if they hadn’t made such a permanent commitment.

True, Blaine said all the right things to Kurt during his proposal, and it was sweet that so many familiar faces were there for it — although how awkward would it have been for all those people if Kurt had said no? Still, Kurt and Blaine haven’t even dated since last freakin’ year. So we’re sure it’s hard for them to distinguish feelings of real love from just butterflies from rekindling things.

And why does marriage always have to be the only step after dating on this show? Can’t it be a big deal for Blaine to, say, ask Kurt to move in with him? Wouldn’t living together in NYC after Blaine’s graduation give them a much better sense if they might be ready to get engaged in a year or so after that?

Glee Season 5: Why Kurt and Blaine’s Engagement Is a Terrible Idea
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The basic issue is, no matter how much they love each other now, they really are just so darn young. Sure, there are success stories of people dating in high school and staying together forever. But those are few and far between. Most people change a ridiculous amount in from their teens to their mid-20s. Plus, keep in mind that it wasn’t long ago that Kurt was getting hearts in his eyes for Adam.

OK, we know that was tough to hear. We’re sorry. And we know all of you members of Team Klaine will still think those two should get married, like, tomorrow. But we don’t know what the rush is. We want to be sure Kurt and Blaine will be able to grow and mature together, and that they’ll get married when they’re truly ready, not just to prove Blaine’s infidelity was a mistake.

What do you think, Gleeks? Did Kurt and Blaine make the right decision? Sound off in the comments!

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