Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Will Caleb’s Ravenswood Curse Kill Him?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Will Caleb’s Ravenswood Curse Kill Him?

Pretty Little Liars has been playing it cool when it comes to explaining what happened to Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) in Ravenswood, but the show’s silence on the subject is starting to make us nervous. Has Pretty Little Liars not addressed the curse dooming Caleb to die because it is still in effect? Will Caleb’s curse kill him? We speculate below.

No, Caleb broke the curse. We still don’t know the events surrounding Caleb’s departure from Ravenswood. Last time we checked in with The Five, Caleb was planning on sticking around to 1) get to the bottom of his family history, 2) break the curse, and 3) save Miranda. It would be kind of anticlimactic to have that all happen off screen, but that’s what usually happens when your show gets canceled. Maybe Caleb checked all three goals off of his to-do list. The Ravenswood plot has little to no bearing on what’s happening on PLL, aside from how it all affected Caleb. Caleb’s PTSD can make for compelling TV, even if a whole town of ghosts is no longer after him. We think Caleb is safe — at least from centuries-old curses.

Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Will Caleb’s Ravenswood Curse Kill Him?
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No, he’s safe in Rosewood. Those Ravenswood ghosts don’t seem to have much range. In fact, we’ve never seen them leave the Ravenswood town limits. As long as Caleb stays in Rosewood, we think he’s safe. Of course, if he didn’t break the curse, he broke his promise to his friends, and that has to be tearing him apart. It would certainly explain his behavior since his return. If he is worried about what has happened to the friends he made in Ravenswood and guilty for abandoning them there, then he might initiate self-destructive mode. Did Caleb leave Ravenswood without breaking the curse because he was worried about Hanna? Did his love for Hanna trump finding the truth for himself and his new friends? If so, Caleb is going to have to deal with the curse and his feelings about his move back to Rosewood eventually.

Yes, it will happen in the #fAtalfinale. A least likely option is that Caleb could finally suffer the terrible fate of the curse. Heck, if the Ravenswood ghosts and “A” joined forces, they could get rid of Caleb in no time. We’re not sure the show would take such drastic action, especially after bringing Caleb back after the cancellation of Ravenswood, but you never know. Pretty Little Liars is obviously saving the explanation of what happened to Caleb for something — could it be for a climactic showdown that ends in Caleb’s death?

Do you think Caleb is still cursed? If so, do you think it will kill him? Share your theories in the comments below!

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