The Walking Dead Season 5: Will The Governor Be Featured?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5: Will The Governor Be Featured?

David Morrissey already spilled the beans that The Governor will appear in the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead Season 4, but will the former big bad make it to Season 5?

When Kit Hoover asked the British actor that very question on Access Hollywood Live earlier this week, he wasn’t as forthcoming with that information as he was with the Season 4 scoop. “I can’t tell you anything,” he said with a smile. “But Season 5 is gonna happen.”

AMC did, in fact, renew The Walking Dead for a fifth season last month, but clearly David wasn’t allowed to say whether or not his possibly reformed character would be back for another go. Still, the fear of being killed off the show is real. “We don’t know from episode to episode,” David noted when speaking about the advance notice he gets about The Gov.'s fate. “You get your script and if you’re alive at the end of the episode that’s what’s wonderful, you just carry on.”

The Governor does die in The Walking Dead comics, but David still wouldn’t budge with regards to his on-screen counterpart’s fate in the fifth season. “Going into Season 5, we don’t know anything about that,” he reiterated.

The Powers That Be just brought The Gov. back in Season 4, and given his new family-focused mentality it would be kind of a shame for him to not make it to Season 5, but as we well know, “no one is safe” when TWD is concerned.

Another interesting point to note is that David was cast in the AMC drama Line of Sight earlier this year. AMC has said that the new show won’t affect David’s presence on The Walking Dead, but we’re still not sure if we completely buy that. David nabbed the lead role in LoS, and we don’t know if he’ll be able to pull double duty, even if AMC insists otherwise.

Do you think The Governor will make it to Season 5? Check out the full video clip below and feel free to share your thoughts and theories!

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