The Walking Dead Season 5: Will Morgan Jones Reunite With Rick Grimes?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5: Will Morgan Jones Reunite With Rick Grimes?

One of the storylines downplayed so far on Season 5 of The Walking Dead is that Morgan Jones (Lennie James) is back in action. We saw him turn up in the Season 5 premiere and then once more in tonight’s midseason finale — Season 5, Episode 8 (“Coda”) — but his return has yet to be addressed so far. That being said, there was one thing that happened in tonight’s episode that makes us anxious for Morgan to reunite with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the crew.

In the final moments of the episode — you know, after Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) was brutally murdered — we saw Morgan retrace the steps of Father Gabriel Stokes (Seth Gilliam) and even make his way to the church Team Prison inhabited for a few episodes. Inside that church, Morgan found a letter Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) wrote to Rick on the back of a map a few episodes back. The letter reads: “Sorry, I was an asshole. Come to Washington. The new world's gonna need Rick Grimes.”

The significance of Morgan finding this letter means that he knows Rick and his crew was recently in that church and that he’s just a few steps behind them. More than that, though, Morgan now has a hunch as to where Rick might be headed next. Perhaps that’ll set him on a course to reunite with his former travelling buddy.

That being said, TWD comic creator and one of the show’s executive producers, Robert Kirkman, was on tonight’s Talking Dead and offered up some insight into what Morgan might do if/when he catches up with Rick. “That’s the big question you should be asking yourself,” he teased. “Maybe he kills them all. It’s going to be crazy.”

Whoa there, Robert! Those are some serious conspiracy theories you just threw out into the universe. While we don’t think Morgan is out to kill Rick and his crew — heck, he just showed a walker mercy in tonight’s episode — we do think he’ll see Rick a changed man and there’s no telling how this reunion could go down. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see!

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