Pretty Little Liars Season 5 — Will Officer Holbrook Die?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 — Will Officer Holbrook Die?

Let’s face it: in Rosewood, law enforcement is twice as likely to bite the dust than the average resident — and that’s really saying something. Corrupt cops Garrett and Wilden both met their demise on Pretty Little Liars in seasons past, so could Season 5 be the end of the line for Officer Hottie Holbrook? A majority of Viggle LIVE! users seem to think so.

Wetpaint teamed up with Viggle LIVE! to ask Pretty Little Liars viewers who they thought was going to die next on the show. Seeing as Marlene King hinted that there will be another “significant” death this season, clearly, the Season 5 death toll isn’t stopping at Shana. And a majority of Vigglers — 46 percent, to be exact — thought Officer Holbrook would be the next on “A’s” chopping block.

Say it isn’t so! Officer Holbrook is the only cop in Rosewood who seems to have any sort of brains/moral compass, and we’d hate to see him fall victim to “A.” Although even we have to admit he’s getting close to unmasking the “A” game, which makes him pretty vulnerable in our books.

Meanwhile, 21 percent of viewers think Ali is going to be the next one to die in Rosewood. Seeing as she only recently made her reappearance in town, we’re going to say this isn’t very likely. We wouldn’t put it past the show to kill off the girl who faked her death, but right now, there’s just too much suspense around Ali’s homecoming for the Powers That Be to kill her off that quickly.

And then there’s Mona, who 33 percent of viewers think might get her comeuppance this season. Mona has always been a little too smart for her own good, so it would be an interesting plot twist to see this master manipulator fall.

What do you think, PLL fans: is Officer Holbrook going to be the next to die in Rosewood? Sound off in the comments! And don’t forget to play along next Tuesday using your Viggle app. Get the FREE download below and start racking up those rewards!