Glee Season 5 Will Take “New York to the Next Step”
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Glee Season 5 Will Take “New York to the Next Step”

If you have been wishing that Glee spent more time developing its NYC world, you’re apparently not alone.

Fox head honcho Kevin Reilly recently discussed what’s in store for
Season 5, and among his hints were that we’d see changes to the Big Apple storylines. “New York was a really great addition to the show this year,” he says, adding that “we’re going to be taking New York to the next step in that adventure.”

So what could the “next step” mean? Maybe we’re reading too much into this, but is this his way of telling us that
Rachel (Lea Michele) will be getting the lead role in Funny Girl? After all, exploring the Broadway scene would definitely be the logical “next step” in terms of a New York-focused show.

Kevin also drops another interesting clue when he says, “There are going to be graduations.” That’s right
graduations, as in plural. Sure, he just might be referring to multiple New Directions members graduating, but it also sounds like he’s saying that we’ll see multiple graduation ceremonies. But which ones?

Glee Season 5 Will Take “New York to the Next Step”
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We’ve been wondering if the “creative twist” that Glee is supposed to undergo may turn out to be a time jump — so maybe we’re going to jump ahead to see Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel graduating from NYADA? Or maybe Kevin just misspoke.

Glee will also be getting “some really interesting mini-arcs” with “guest actors” next season — but who will that be? Sadly, Kevin played coy on the subject, only saying, “We’re not going to announce anybody right now.” You’re such a tease, Kev!

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