Castle Season 6: Will Alexis Sabotage Castle and Beckett’s Wedding?
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Castle Season 6: Will Alexis Sabotage Castle and Beckett’s Wedding?

Molly Quinn has made it very clear that her on-screen counterpart, Alexis Castle, is less than thrilled with her dad Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett’s (Stana Katic) impending nuptials — telling us exclusively that Alexis was “hurt” because she wasn’t included in the decision — but would the college co-ed really go so far as to sabotage the nuptials?

Molly told E! News that she’s not expecting the Caskett wedding to occur anytime soon, even noting that Alexis could ruin the big day. Say what?! Alexis, now is not the time for your rebellious phase, not when a highly-anticipated wedding is on the line!

Thankfully, Stana seems more certain that a wedding for Castle and Beckett is in the cards, telling E! News that she could see the show taking a “different direction if Castle and Beckett get married.”

Naturally, the gorgeous actress didn’t specify if a married Castle and Beckett would push the show in a good direction or a bad one, but really, how could a married Rick and Kate mean anything bad, right?!

Do you agree with Molly and think that a Caskett wedding is a long way off, or are you more in line with Stana, who sees the marriage occurring in the near future? Vote below!

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Source: E! News