Castle Season 6: Beckett and Castle Take in a Baby and [SPOILER] Moves Out!
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Castle Season 6: Beckett and Castle Take in a Baby and [SPOILER] Moves Out!

Castle (Nathan Fillion) has been so distracted with his impending marriage to Beckett (Stana Katic) lately that he’s pretty much ignored his daughter, Alexis(Molly Quinn). Molly has already warned us that her on-screen counterpart is none too pleased that she wasn’t in the loop about her dad’s proposal, and now it seems like the damage has already been done.

According to TV Guide, Alexis — who has been living in Castle’s loft with her boyfriend, Pi, this season — is set to move out into an apartment all her own with her man. Since Castle isn’t Pi’s biggest fan (sorry dude) we weren’t shocked to hear the the loving dad doesn’t take this news too well.

“Castle does not respond well at all," Molly says. "He's angry about it because he knows how [he himself has treated] women, but he's not the kind of parent who can say no.”

Since Alexis and Pi will be sharing a futon in their new digs, it’s implied that the mystery writer’s daughter has lost her virginity, though Molly prefers not to dwell on that aspect of the relationship, noting, “I'm still pretending that's not the case, but it is the reality.”

And though Alexis may be fleeing the nest, Castle and Beckett will get a taste of what it’s like to parent together when take in a murder victim’s baby around the holidays. As Stana points out, “It will be interesting to see Beckett and Castle exploring how they would parent a child.”

Do you think Castle and Beckett are ready for a kid of their own now that Alexis is out of the loft? Weigh in below!

Castle airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: TV Guide