True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Cast Parties on Set For Premiere! (PHOTOS)

Wondering what the cast of ;True Blood ;was doing last night as the show debuted its sixth season on HBO? They were gathered together, goofing off on set, photobombing, and other general shenanigans as part of a live interactive event that aired on HBO just prior to the premiere.

There seemed to be a central area with a camera where the funny photos took place and, one by one (or sometimes two by two!), the cast members approached the camera and showed off their personas. The Twitterverse went crazy with the photos that resulted from the session and, while some seemed to stay in character while posing, other folks definitely showed us more of their silly sides.

Ryan Kwanten, who plays ;Jason Stackhouse, pointed shyly at the camera while ;Rutina Wesley ;and ;Nelsan Ellis, who play cousins and friends Tara and ;Lafayette, pulled off a very funky pose. ;Deborah Ann Woll ;(who plays ;Jessica) ;looked absolutely stunning, with her porcelain skin (not un-vampire-like!), apropos blood-red lipstick, and gorgeous black dress.

And you’ve likely heard of “Bilith” on this season, but what about Billexander? Costars ;Alexander Skarsgard ;and ;Stephen Moyer ;really hammed it up, while Stephen’s wife, ;Anna Paquin, pulled out her best “Sookie” by simply laughing and covering her face with her hands. Our absolute fave pic was the one entitled “Prom night,” as it featured Stephen standing in front of Alexander in perfect prom fashion...not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Fans were given the opportunity to ask questions of the cast, and one worth mentioning was, “Who does the best impression of other characters on ;True Blood?”

The answer might surprise you. ;Chris Bauer, who plays ;Sheriff Andy Bellefleur, said,”Without a doubt the best mimic on our set, and in my opinion most underrated actor, is ;Sammy Trammell ;[who plays ;Sam Merlotte],” going on to call his impression “uncanny”.

It’s fun to see these folks letting off some steam!

If you could meet any ;True Blood ;cast member, who would it be?

Source: ;Daily Mail