Castle Season 6: Andrew Marlowe Talks Consequences of Castle’s Proposal
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Castle Season 6: Andrew Marlowe Talks Consequences of Castle’s Proposal

The Season 6 premiere of Castle may be the most highly-anticipated episode of the ABC crime drama in recent memory. Last season’s finale ended with Richard Castle proposing to Kate Beckett as she was mulling over accepting a job with the FBI in Washington D.C., meaning that viewers can expect the couple to make several important decisions in the season opener alone.

As series creator Andrew Marlowe tells TV Guide, “There are four possible outcomes, and each of them have their own particular consequences.”

In other words, don’t expect everything to be tied up into a neat little package for the beloved duo.

“There's no version of this that's easy and that they live happily ever after — even with the good stuff," Andrew reasons.

As much as we want those crazy kids to grab a police cruiser and ride off to the Hamptons where they’ll live happily ever after, we understand the need to have them struggle to get there, especially after such an abrupt proposal.

One such obstacle for the pair is House's Lisa Edelstein, who will recur as a federal agent who influences Beckett’s next steps. "How can she make any choice without giving something up?" Andrew concludes. "She'll have to sacrifice something."

Do you think Beckett will sacrifice her job, or will her relationship with Castle be what suffers the most? Weigh in below!

Source: TV Guide