True Blood Season 6 Death: Who Will Die?
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Death: Who Will Die?

Ever since new showrunner Brian Buckner has confirmed that a key cast member of True Blood will die in Season 6, Truebies have been watching every episode in breathless anticipation of the worst. There are so many beloved characters on the show that we can’t imagine life in Bon Temps without a single one of them!

But who will it be? Join us as we speculate which main True Blood character could bite it.

Pamela Swynford De Beaufort

How would we make it through another season without our snarky fashion icon, Pam? Her sarcastic rebuttals are one of the best parts of the show, not to mention her devotion to Eric. But now that Pam’s been snagged by the LAVTF and carted off to “The Camp” to be tortured and who knows what else, it’s possible this cold-hearted beauty could be the one that meets the True Death.

Eric Northman

Say it isn’t so! We love our tall, blonde Viking vamp, and would cry forever if we lost him (and his steamy sex scenes). But with Eric putting himself in the line of danger regularly this season and gearing up to rescue Pam coupled with Alexander Skarsgard’s rising career, we wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being the one who gets staked.

Bill Compton

Let’s face it, it’s been awhile since Bill’s been a likeable guy, and now he seems even more untrustworthy. However, we’d still be sad to see him go! Since the testing of his new powers isn’t turning out so well, it seems likely that the not-quite-invincible Billith might accidentally get a more serious sunburn or be killed in some other unexpected way. Our money’s on Sookie finding out how, and carrying out the deed herself.

Sookie Stackhouse

Oh, Sookie. Our little blond waitress/Faerie Princess may have really dug her own grave this time due to her terrible taste in men. We know she’s aware of who and what Ben is now, but will she be able to best Benlow with one dose of light-blasting power? Or what if Bill decides to take ALL of her blood now that Andy’s daughters have perished? She’s the heart of the show, and we don’t know what will happen if she dies. Our heart hurts just thinking about it.

Jason Stackhouse

Jason’s hormones have gotten him in trouble more than once, and we don’t just mean under the sheets. The rash young Deputy has a habit of shooting first and asking questions later; something he probably shouldn’t be doing in a town full of supes who can dodge bullets and pin him to a wall with telepathy. Jason could die while protecting Sookie from Billith or Benlow, or he could just bang his head extra hard one more time and never wake up. Who knows?

Tara Thornton

Since Tara’s already died once and gotten herself into trouble numerous times, we’re wondering if the tough new vampire will make it through the end of the season. Despite their bickering, we can see her love for Pam is strong! It’s possible Tara might die trying to release her lover from the clutches of Governor Burrell, but we sure hope not. We love vampire Tara even more than human Tara.

Jessica Hamby

The fiery baby vamp has been one of our favorite parts of this season, struggling with her loyalty to Bill while cringing in fear at his new abilities. But it looks like Jessica’s in real trouble now that she’s drained the Bellefleur quadruplets of their blood! Will Bill kill her out of anger? Or will she decide to meet the True Death herself out of grief? We hope not! We’d miss her emotional teenage pleas and, let’s be honest, her slutty costumes.

Alcide Herveaux

Ab-riffic werewolf Alcide seems the least likely to go; he’s cemented his place as the new Shreveport pack leader and Joe Maganiello has dropped hints that he’s not the one. But we’ve noticed that the “new” Alcide has been making some troubling decisions, like commanding his weres to go after Sam and Nicole to get Emma back, and seemingly not caring that they slaughtered a bunch of innocents. Will his temper best him this season and result in his death?

Sam Merlotte

This troubled shifter could be the one to go! Sam now has an entire werewolf pack after him in pursuit of Emma, plus his progress away from the town is slow now that he’s sheltering an injured human who can’t shift. Even with Lafayette’s help, he won’t be able to elude the wolves forever, and one of them will definitely kill him once they catch up. The only question is, will it be Alcide himself? Or one of his hot-blooded girlfriends: Rikki, or Danielle?

Lafayette Reynolds

It’s not just supes that are in danger; it’s humans too! We haven’t seen nearly enough of the sassy Lafayette this season, and that better not mean his part is being written out. Here’s hoping his planned séance with Sookie goes well, and doesn’t result in his Brujo side (or another spirit) taking over and killing him in the process. There’s also the possibility that he could be torn apart by weres looking for information about where Sam ran off to.

Andy Bellefleur

The loyal yet misguided Andy has come a long way since his introduction in Season 1, and we’d hate to see him go just when his romance with Holly might be on the mend and he’s made a promise to be the best father he can be. But things aren’t looking good for the bumbling Sheriff. He’s poised to discover his half-faerie daughters have been killed, and there’s NO way he can win in a fight against Billith.

Terry Bellefleur

Terry still seems to be plagued by the guilt of killing his friend Patrick, and although Arlene is trying to help him through it, it looks like it’s getting harder and harder for him to ignore. Will this gentle cook make it to the end of the season? Or will he abandon his family and succumb to his torturous guilt? And there’s always the possibility of him getting caught in the crossfire of the battle between his cousin and Billith.

Arlene Fowler Bellefleur

Headstrong Arlene might be the safest member of the cast! Or perhaps the writers are just really good at making us THINK that. We’d hate to see this eccentric mamma go, since she’s had some of the best one-liners of the season, and is fiercely loyal to her family and friends. But we can’t stop thinking about how Patrick’s wife showed up at Merlotte’s … and wondering if Arlene ends up getting killed in an act of vengeance.  

Who do you think won’t make it to the end of True Blood, Season 6? Let us know in the comments who you’d miss most!

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