True Blood Season 6 Deaths: Which Is the Saddest?
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6 Deaths: Which Is the Saddest?

The True Blood Powers That Be have been calling up the grim reaper left and right on Season 6. We still have three episodes to go, and we've already had to say goodbye to a number of notable characters. What we want to know is, which departure is the hardest for you to bear?

The obvious answer is Terry, and he's definitely the loss that hit us the hardest here at Wetpaint Entertainment. We're hoping Todd Lowe will head off to even bigger and better things, because his career deserves to shine, but we'll miss Terry's understated kindness and spot-on humorous moments.

But maybe you feel differently. The writers certainly tried to wring the most out of Nora's death, too, and our hearts broke for Eric as his sister disintegrated in his arms. The death of Andy's unnamed faerie daughters was also hard to take, because it was so freaking brutal.

Of course, the Governor losing his head was also sad, though in a different way — we already miss him as an over-the-top, delightfully dastardly villain.

Which death made you the saddest? Sound off in the comments below!

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