True Blood 6 Spoilers: Did Luna Really Die? Janina Gavankar Answers!
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True Blood 6 Spoilers: Did Luna Really Die? Janina Gavankar Answers!

Is Luna really dead on True Blood Season 6? Will Luna somehow be resurrected if she is really gone? We couldn't help but be left with these questions after watching the True Blood Season 6 premiere. So we went looking for answers.

We’ve all been dreading the death of a main True Blood cast member during season six that was confirmed by showrunner Brian Buckner, but we know from spoilers that it isn't slated until later in the season. So we didn’t expect to see a significant death within ten minutes of last night’s True Blood Season 6 premiere!

Luna Garza, who was the object of Sam Merlotte’s affection, died after shifting back from her turn as Steve Newlin. It was emotional, not only because Sam can’t seem to catch a break, but Luna also emotionally pleads with Sam to take care of her daughter, Emma, which, of course, Sam vows to do. Sniff.

So the question burned did Luna really die? In an answer, yes it does appear so (at least for now), but that doesn’t mean we won’t see her again. In fact, if you look on, she shows up again on the third episode, which is entitled "You're No Good," most likely in a flashback sequence or as some sort of apparition. And, as we previously reported, Sam Trammell made Janina cry during an emotional scene, so perhaps it’s a moving tribute to her character.

Janina Gavankar, the actress who plays Luna, sat down with to discuss her shocking death, which reportedly was supposed to happen at the end of last season.

We shot a death scene for the last episode of season five, but apparently it didn’t really work out. I don’t know, something wasn’t right about it. So they cut it, then had me come back so I could re-die,” the actress revealed. She had to fly all the way from Vancouver to L.A. just to die. Now that’s harsh.

As for whether the stunning actress had hard feelings over the death of her character, she said she knew what she was signing on with True Blood. As she put it, “I knew people don’t make it very long. I was so surprised to have made it even to a second season, especially since Sam is such a cursed character. It’s Sam against the gods, always.”

As for which of the many True Blood ladies Janina would like to see Sam end up with, she says his heart should (and hopefully will) always belong to Sookie:

“When this show is done, in 15 or 20 years, I want Sookie to look at Sam and say, ‘It’s always been you.’ He has been in love with her since the beginning of time, since before we’ve even met them.”

That would be pretty sweet, as we were always a bit sad that Sookie would never be able to have little Sooks with Eric or Bill (although perhaps Bilith can procreate?).

What did you think of the Luna’s sudden death in last night’s True Blood season premiere?


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