True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 Spoilers Roundup: “The Sun”
True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 Spoilers Roundup: “The Sun”
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True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 Spoilers Roundup: “The Sun”


Are you amped up for the return of True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 on Sunday? From the True Blood spoilers we’ve seen for this week’s episode, we’re hoping it will be even tastier than the premiere. We loved the whole Billith rising bloody from the ashes, everyone fleeing in fear, and Alcide hooking up in a naked threesome — but it just left us wanting more!This week on True Blood Season 6, Episode 2, the title of the episode — “The Sun” — foreshadows a mysterious scene between Bill and Lilith in a dreamscape of his mind. In a True Blood spoilers preview video for the episode, we see the two of them chatting it up like they aren’t both freakish weird beings, but almost normal human types. They look so clean and fresh-faced in the sunshine, while Lilith tells Bill he has to complete her work and we all cringe at what exactly that is going to entail.

Poor Jessica, meanwhile, is totally freaked out by her father figure/mentor/captor Bill Compton as Billith. She’s scared to death of him, but she’s even more frightened of being alone and not having anyone. So she tries to keep him from losing himself to Billith, but it’s a battle she doesn’t appear to be winning.

Bill’s former flame Sookie would rather forget all about Billith and all the crazy madness that is always surrounding her. When she hears someone groaning in pain in the woods while she is walking by, she almost ignores it — not wanting to be involved in another mess. But it’s Sookie, and Sookie attracts trouble like a flame attracts moths. So she goes to help and finds herself face to face with another half-fae like herself who is also telepathic. And this one happens to be a really hot guy. Say hello to Sookie’s new love interest, Ben Flynn (Robert Kazinsky).

Sookie’s other former lover (she does get around), Eric Northman, ends up face to face with vampire-hating Governor Truman Burrell. Eric and the Governor exchange some nasty words, in which the politician says it is time for humans to “bite back.” In the preview for Sunday’s episode, Eric is surrounded by military types with anti-vampire weapons and things are not looking so hot for the former vampire Sheriff.

In other continuing storylines, there will also be a confrontation between Alcide and Sam over the fate of Luna’s daughter Emma. Alcide, enjoying his new packmaster powers, wants Emma and he isn’t going to take no for an answer. Sam ends up laid out in the dirt after Alcide decks him, and the pack takes Emma away from him. We’re sure Sam is going to let that go unchallenged. And lastly, we have Jason Stackhouse pulling a gun on the mysterious stranger who gave him a ride, convinced he is the creature that killed his parents.

That’s a wrap for our True Blood spoilers for Season 6, Episode 2. Will you be watching on Sunday?