True Blood Season 6, Episode 5: “F*** the Pain Away” — 5 Most Shocking Moments
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True Blood

True Blood Season 6, Episode 5: “F*** the Pain Away” — 5 Most Shocking Moments

Oh. My. Godric. True Blood is always jam-packed with bloody, jaw-dropping moments, but Season 6, Episode 5: “F*** the Pain Away” took things to the next level. As things unraveled throughout the hour, everything we knew was turned on its head, and now we don’t know how to feel. (Basically how Sookie feels about her love life every day.) Though shock after shock was delivered — and not just to the vampires trapped at Vamp Camp — there were a handful of moments that really stood out as the most crazy. Read on for our five most shocking moments, and then hit the comments with your own!

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Warlow says Sookie's parents were trying to kill her — he actually saved her. Yep. As detailed in our Warlow reveals roundup, this vampire-faerie hybrid only has love for Sookie. He doesn’t want to kill her — he just wants to live happily ever after and make vampire-faerie-human babies with her. (Well, the latter part isn’t confirmed yet, but it seems that way.) The most twisted part is that Sookie’s parents tried to kill her as a child and Warlow only murdered them to save her. Oy. Just when we thought her love life couldn’t get more complicated. Adding to that mess is one more shocker: Lillith is Warlow's maker, which means Bill can now command Benlow. Obviously, this means he won’t get anywhere near Sookie now... right?

Jessica tries to make out with Bill when high on faerie blood, and wants to have sex with him. Speaking of creepy family problems, Jessica straddled Bill and tried to make out with him. The forever-17-year-old was high after draining four faeries, and in turn desperately wanted to have sex. Since Bill was the only man in the room (and the only living person, at that), Jessica lunged at her maker and started making out with him. It was awkward, especially when she vaguely talked about it with her ex Jason afterward.

After Jason has sex with Sarah Newlin, he comforts Jessica... and then she’s sent to Vamp Camp! The first two parts weren’t that shocking (we knew Jason and Sarah would inevitably hook up, and Jessica will always hold a candle for Jason), but when Sarah suddenly took back Jess’ invitation to Jason’s house and sent her into the arms of the Vamp Camp police, our eyes nearly rolled to the back of our heads. (Think Lorena after Bill killed her in bed.) Oh, and then Jason ran after her, and according to the synopsis for next week’s episode, he’s in Vamp Camp, too! This can’t be good.

Lafayette tries to drown Sookie! At this point, all True Blood characters should know not to conjure the dead. Last time ghosts and spirits were involved, the love of Lafayette’s life, Jesus, was murdered by him, and in tonight’s episode, he was a murderer again. After gaining contact with Sookie’s parents, her dad’s spirit got angry and upset, flew into Lafayette’s body to possess him, and promptly put Sookie in the trunk of his car, just like when she was a child. From there, he tried to talk calmly to her, explaining that she had to die, and then dragged her into a lake to drown her. Good family bonding, right?

Eric and Pam put in Gladiator-style fight to the death. Throughout the episode, we saw Hunger Games-style battles in which vampires were pitted against each other to try to hurt, and perhaps kill, so they wouldn’t have to sacrifice themselves. In the final minutes of the episode, Eric and Pam were put in a Gladiator-style fight to the death, and though we kind of saw it coming and we didn’t see the actual fight happen yet, this confirms that one of them could die next week. Will it be Pam? Will it be Eric? Will someone come in to save the day — maybe Tara or Willa — and sacrifice herself for the maker and his progeny? We’ll have to wait an agonizingly long week to find out.

Truebies, what shocked you the most in tonight’s episode? Tell us in the comments below!

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